Purps 1 (Dinafem) Feminized

Dinafem set out to do the impossible: To create a marijuana strain that would be as pretty as their gorgeous Purple Afghan Kush, with the same intense wild berry aroma, all wrapped up into a sensational indica. Low and behold, Purps #1 proved all the disbelievers wrong; the gorgeous plant shows off beautiful purple hues and teases the taste buds with an incredibly fruity flavour.

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Dinafem - Purps 1: Sensational & Fruity Indica

Dinafem has always been proud of their Purple Afghan Kush, a cultivar which many consider to be one of the most beautiful cannabis plants. It seemed almost imposturous to make a plant that would be as beautiful as the good ol’ PAK, with such dazzling colours and a berry taste to die for.

Now, Dinafem isn’t just your average breeder. If there is one team that could have achieved this goal, it’s these folks. Purps #1, a cross between the tasty Blueberry and a Purple Afghan Kush, is the new indica-dominant “it-girl”. She delights with a flavour that is at least as fruity and sweet as PAK, and may well be one of the most beautiful indicas that you can grow.

To the untrained eye, Purps #1 may at first seem like any old indica, but there are some noteworthy differences that make her unique. The plant can stretch a lot when you let her, and her internodal spaces are quite large for an indica. Her unique structure allows light to penetrate deeply, resulting in extraordinary big yields and a good natural resistance to mould. Indoors, she can reach a height of 1.5m. Plant the lady outdoors in good conditions, and she may well reach an impressive height of 3m or more! Obviously, she wouldn’t make a good stealth plant, but this sure isn’t why you want to grow her. This girl just loves to show off, with her many amazing colours, where shades of violet and lavender blend awesomely with hues of green.

Despite the towering heights that she can reach, she grows fast and vigorous, going through her flowering phase in a reasonably short 60 days. At harvest time, you can look forward to as much as 500g/m² of awesome colourful buds indoors, and up to 800g/plant in optimal outdoor conditions.

The intense and fruity scent of her buds will invoke the mental image of a fruit basket filled with juicy and ripe wild berries topped with a hint of pineapple. And just like her amazing scent, the taste of her smoke is unforgettable. Get ready for an incredible smoke that will not just make your mouth water, but might make it difficult to put the lady down after you take your first hit.

Despite being a very potent strain that’s high in THC, Purps #1 makes for a wonderful, very relaxing body high as you’d expect from a top indica. Yet, she won’t just knock you out cold or keep you on the couch for hours. She delivers her relaxing power with a wonderful cerebral high that will lift your mood and give you bouts of creativity and energy. In short, she delivers a superb high that is awesomely balanced!

Purps #1 by Dinafem is an incredible strain that delights from the moment you plant your seed to the moment you smoke her last remaining buds. Her dazzling colours, fruity scents and aromas, and wonderful high make her an indica that stands out from the pack.

Brand Dinafem
Genetics Indica-dominant
Parents Blueberry x PAK
Flowering Time 60 days
THC High
Yield (Indoor) 500 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 600-800 g/plant
Height (Outdoor) Up to 250 cm
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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Purps 1 (Dinafem) Feminized
Purps 1 (Dinafem) Feminized