Strawberry Glue (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular

The original Gorilla Glue is one of the most talked-about strains in recent history. The hype is more than justified because the strain really has lots going for her. Her sky-high potency, the great taste and an excellent high made her a classic in no time. Strawberry Glue is Dark Horse Genetics’ awesome creation where they added Diesel genetics along with a twist of yummy strawberry flavour!

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Strawberry Glue - Dark Horse Genetics: Tasty & Ultra-Potent Indica

The original Gorilla Glue has found a huge and enthusiastic following ever since her discovery in the US. The strain, which really is the result of an accidentally cross-pollinated Sour Dubb had almost been tossed out, if it wasn’t for one lucky breeder named Lonie who, due to what can only be considered as some divine foresight, saved some seeds and later on discovered the ultra-potent strain when he popped them.

With the original strain being such a success which took the West Coast and then the rest of the cannabis world in a storm, it just made sense that Dark Horse Genetics took these stellar genetics to build on them for some new and exciting creations. With the help of a Strawberry Diesel, they managed to keep all the famous GG goodness and her potency and were able to give the new strain a Diesel touch and some sweet and tasty strawberry tones. Needless to say, she makes for an absolutely fantastic smoking experience!

When you grow the females of this regular strain you won’t likely encounter any major problems. With Strawberry Glue’s flowering time which is a decently short 63-70 days you also won’t have to wait too long until harvest time. With yields that are above average as compared to some other strains she will make for a bountiful harvest of some top-quality bud.

If you know a bit about cannabis, you will likely know that the Original Gorilla Glue is a crazy potent strain where some of her phenos reached THC levels of 30% or more. Strawberry Glue definitely takes advantages of those genetics with a THC content that can be as high as 28%. This makes this mostly-indica strain a very potent smoke that sure won’t let you down! Her high is hitting fast and powerful and while being incredibly relaxing, she complements it with a nicely balancing uplifting effect. This is a wonderful smoke that you can enjoy every time of the day for some ultimate relaxation or if you want to have a good time with some friends. Now add the spectacular flavour she got from the Strawberry Diesel, and you have a smoke that’s simply irresistible!

Strawberry Glue by Dark Horse Genetics delivers it all and then some. The powerful indica-dominant strain with her great new flavour twists and the spectacular effect of the Gorilla Glue sure makes a smoke that will delight every cannabis lover out there!

Brand Dark Horse Genetics
Genetics Indica-dominant
Parents Gorilla Glue 4 x Strawberry Diesel
Flowering Time 63-70 days
THC 18% - 28%
Available as Regular Seeds
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Strawberry Glue (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular
Strawberry Glue (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular
Strawberry Glue (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular
Strawberry Glue (Dark Horse Genetics) Regular