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Specials Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics Specials

Amsterdam Genetics is behind some of the most sought after strains currently available. Scroll down for a quick look at some of their biggest stars.

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White Choco is, without a doubt, Amsterdam Genetics’ most sought after strain.

A 50-50 cross between White Russian and Chocolope, this strain produces very uplifting effects and boasts exceptional aromas and flavours.
The strain can be grown both indoor and outdoors. Indoor plants will grow between 120-150cm and produce yields of about 400g per plant. Outdoor plants, on the other hand, will flourish, growing over 300cm tall and producing yields of over 600g per plant.
Flowering time for White Choco plants is 9 weeks. While that is a little longer than some other strains, the end product is well worth the wait.
White Choco buds boast a delicious aroma with hints of chocolate, spice, and sweet undertones. It is cherished for producing very uplifting effects that leave users feeling creative and productive, while also producing mellow physical relaxation.

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White Choco Amsterdam Genetics



This is another of Amsterdam Genetics’ best selling strains. As a indica-dominant hybrid between AK-47 and OG Kush, it is known to produce a very strong physical buzz.

Similar to White Choco, AK OG Kush has a flowering time of roughly 9 weeks and is known to flourish outdoors. Depending on conditions, indoor plants usually reach between 120-150cm tall and produce yields of about 400g per plant. Outdoor plants will grow to about 250cm and produce yields of up to 600g per plant.

AK OG Kush buds are very resinous and boast a pungent spicy aroma with earthy undertones. This strain produces very strong physical effects, thanks to its high THC content (roughly 22%). When used medicinally, this strain may help to relieve pain and insomnia. At the same time, it’ll leave you feeling happy, and very relaxed.

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AK OG Kush Amsterdam Genetics



AK-47 is a classic strain that any home grower should be looking to have in their garden. Using the best Colombian, Mexican, and Afghani landrace genetics, Amsterdam Genetics have created a powerful hybrid with long lasting effects.

This strain has a flowering time of roughly 8-9 weeks. Indoor plants will grow between 120-150cm and produce yields of roughly 500g per plant. Outdoor plants, on the other hand, will grow upwards of 200cm and produce similar yields, making it ideal for indoor growth.

AK-47 buds are very beautiful, featuring a frosty layer of crystals and a healthy sprinkle of bright red pistils. They boast a delicious, pungent aroma with both sweet and spicy notes.

With an average THC content of about 20%, this strain produces very long lasting effects of happiness, euphoria, and relaxation.

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AK-47 ASmsterdam Genetics



Kosher Choco Kush is a s cross between Amsterdam Genetics’ White Choco and Kosher Kush strains. A 50-50 hybrid, it produces long lasting euphoria and promises great yields.

These plants usually flower within 8-9 weeks and are perfectly suited for indoor growth. Indoor plants usually reach heights of 100-150cm and produce yields of 450-500g per plant. Outdoor plants usually grow between 200-250cm and produce yields of 400-500g.
Kosher Choco Kush buds are so packed with trichomes they can almost appear to have white tinges. They boast a beautiful aroma, combining hints of earthy pine and chocolate.

With a whopping 21% THC, this strain produces a lot of relaxation, euphoria, and overall happiness. However, be prepared to be feeling sleepy if you consume too much of this stuff.

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Kosher Choco Kush


Amsterdam Genetics

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Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics is a Dutch seedbank renowned for producing spectacular cannabis strains, such as White Choco, AK-47, and more. Using the latest breeding techniques, they’ve built up a database of unique strains ranging from uplifting sativas to super relaxing indicas and everything in between. Find out more about Amsterdam Genetics here:

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