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About Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics Logo

Amsterdam Genetics is one seedbank that’s really turning heads in the industry.

Started by the owner of the infamous Boerejongens coffeeshops in Amsterdam, this seedbank is receiving global attention as the creator of some of the most sought after strains available today, including White Choco, AK-47, AK OG Kush, and many more.

Amsterdam Genetics was founded by Mariska, one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Mariska first discovered her passion for cannabis when she started working at a coffeeshop in Amsterdam during her university studies.

When she was ready to make a definitive career choice, the decision was easy.

“I literally took the Yellow Pages and my finger landed on a company specializing in nutrients for cannabis. Thus my adventure began. I learned all about the breeding, growing, and harvesting process, from the clone until the harvest,” Mariska said in an interview with Leafly.

A few years later, after learning the ropes about all things cannabis, Mariska bought her first coffeeshop, which would become the first Boerejongens in Amsterdam.

Today, Mariska owns 3 separate Boerejongens as well as Amsterdam Genetics.

Her stores are renowned for challenging many of the preconceived prejudices many people have about Amsterdam’s coffeeshops. They boast beautiful marble counters, hardwood
floors, and, most importantly, professional staff with expert knowledge about their products.

For a quick tour of one of the Boerejongens stores, check out this video.

For Mariska, this is all about offering professional, reliable service to her customers.

“The shady image that some people still wrongly associate with coffeeshops disappears very quickly if I start talking.Too many people don’t get that a coffeeshop is just a store. Apart from the backdoor problem, you can compare it to a wine shop,” she said.

All Boerejongens staff are expected to take up to 3 3 continuing education courses every year in order to stay up-to-date about their products and the latest developments in the industry.

“We want sommeliers behind the counter,” said Mariska.

Amsterdam Genetics’ success started with the White Choco, a powerful hybrid cross between White Russian and Chocolope.

The strain boasts a powerful, uplifting cerebral buzz that is designed to leave users feeling creative and productive. At the same time, it offers some nice physical relaxation that’s far from overwhelming.

Mariska soon began branching out into hash production and saw huge success.

Her White Choco block has was so popular that Amsterdam Genetics’ couldn’t meet customer demand. But, being a true entrepreneur, Mariska quickly took production to Morocco, the world’s hash capital.

Today, Amsterdam Genetics’ White Choco Block Hash is regarded some of the finest in the country, while their Tangerine G13 block hash and Kosher Tangie block won first and second prize in the hash category  at this year’s Highlife Cannabis Cup.

All of their hash products are made using traditional dry sieving methods, and only use the first sieve to ensure the highest possible quality. Finally, their hash is pressed while warm, giving it a beautiful deep golden colour.

If you’re dying to get your hands on some of these strains, you’re in luck. All of Amsterdam Genetics’ most popular seeds are available through Zamnesia Follow the link below to start browsing our stock and get the highest quality seeds delivered direct to your door.

For more information about Amsterdam Genetics and their impact on the cannabis industry, check out this blog article.

Packaging Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics Packaging

Amsterdam Genetics is focused on professionalism and quality, both of which shine through with their packaging.

All seeds come packaged in a resealable plastic ziplock bag to protect the seeds during shipping. The pack also comes complete with  moisture beads to ensure the seeds are kept at maximum humidity levels throughout.

All Amsterdam Genetics packages also come with expert instructions on how to care, store, germinate, and plant your seeds. To top things off, all customers also get a pack of custom-designed matches.

All Amsterdam Genetics strains are packed and shipped discreetly, taking into account all factors that may jeopardize your privacy.


Amsterdam Genetics

Information Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics is a Dutch seedbank renowned for producing spectacular cannabis strains, such as White Choco, AK-47, and more. Using the latest breeding techniques, they’ve built up a database of unique strains ranging from uplifting sativas to super relaxing indicas and everything in between. Find out more about Amsterdam Genetics here:

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