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About Pyramid Seeds

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Pyramid Seeds is a highly regarded Spanish Seedbank that offers a comprehensive line of feminized and autoflowering seeds to both commercial and home growers. To ensure the highest level of quality, this team only uses the best stock in their breeding programs, including rock-solid strains like White Widow, AK-47 and Black Domina as well as more obscure landrace varieties from nearby Granada. Armed with proven genetics, Pyramid Seeds spares no effort in creating their new hybrids, and only the ones that past muster make the cut for public sale.

The team at Pyramid Seeds is always up for a good time, and they certainly enjoy their work, but they're dead serious when it comes to quality. Each and every feminized and autoflowering seed is a product of an extensive process that includes careful refinement and testing across several generations before it can be deemed ready for release. A panel of true cannabis experts selects each variety for not only yield, flavour and power but also ease of cultivation. Best of all, Pyramid Seeds never cuts a corner, and they still manage to set their prices extremely low. You won't find this kind of quality at this price point anywhere else.   

Pyramid Seeds provides their customers with some of the most reliable stats in the business. If they say a specific seed will perform in a certain way, you can depend on that information as long as you provide your cannabis seeds with an environment where they can thrive. To make sure their numbers are spot on, Pyramid Seeds tests their strains over and over again, both before and after their initial release. They recommend at least a 600 watt HPS or equivalent lighting indoors and advise that outdoor growers may not get the same results as the Pyramid testers if they don't have the benefit of a long summer with plenty of direct sunlight. You have to admire their honesty!            

Packaging Pyramid Seeds

Packaging Pyramid SeedsPyramid Seeds spares no effort during the breeding and testing process, so it only makes sense that they would put the same amount of thought into protecting their feminized seeds from damage and humidity changes during transit. They carefully inspect each seed for maturity and defects before sealing them in sturdy plastic tubing that fits inside premium cardstock that proudly displays their brand.

Once opened, Pyramid's packaging not resealable. If you're not going to plant all your seeds at once, be prepared with an alternative container or seal the packet back up with a piece of tape so you don't lose your extra seeds before you're ready to use them.

All Pyramid Seeds products are available in packs of 5 seeds, but for 2016, Pyramid is adding bonus seeds and an instant-win scratcher to every pack while supplies last.


Pyramid Seeds

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Pyramid Seeds Logo

Pyramid Seeds is a highly respected Spanish seedbank with a wide variety of 100% feminized & fully autoflowering strains, each carefully selected for power, yield, easy of cultivation and unique flavour. Learn more about Pyramid Seeds here:

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