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Packaging Big Buddha Seeds

Big Buddha Seeds packaging

Big Buddha Seeds take packaging extremely serious. So much so that they have made a custom package producing machine in-house, and its ability to keep cannabis seeds safe is next to none.

Each set of seeds is housed in a shock, temperature, and moisture resistant Buddha, which in turn is carefully sealed in a blister pack along with a playing card that denotes the strain within. The Buddha itself has a resealable head, meaning seeds can be stored in the original packaging while not in use. However, as the Buddha is often transparent, be sure to store it in a dark place.  

Big Buddha Seeds’ cannabis seeds are available in quantities of 5, in feminized and automatic varieties.

Please note: It may be the case that you receive Big Buddha Seeds’ older style of packaging, while stocks last.


Big Buddha Seeds

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Big Buddha Seeds are one of the UK’s premiere seed banks, producing of some of the finest Cheese strains available to date. Notorious for their pungent flavours and unbridled strength, Big Buddha’s cannabis seeds are worthy of any connoisseur.

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