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Awards Big Buddha Seeds

LA Cheese

As one of the premier producers of Cheese cannabis seeds, it is no wonder to hear that Big Buddha Seeds have won multiple awards over the years. Here are some of their top strains, and the awards they have won.

Award Big Buddha Cheese



• 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, 1st place for Best Indica
• 2009 420 IC Growers Cup, 5th place for Best Indica
• 2011 Treating Yourself Expo, 2nd place for Best Indica

One of the most popular strains in the UK, Big Buddha Cheese has an unmistakably pungent taste and aroma that pay homage to its name. A crossing of the original and closely guarded Skunk #1 Cheese with an undisclosed Afghani, this indica dominant beauty grows strong, flowers in 7-9 weeks, produces big yields, and is able to relax the body and mind in its entirety, while uplifting mood.

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Big Buddha Cheese

Award Blue Cheese



• 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd place for Best Sativa

Blue Cheese combines the dank tones of Big Buddha Cheese with the delightful fruity twists of Blueberry. Both parents are renowned and award-winning in their own right, and their offspring is no different. The combination of these genetics results in a big, bushy beast that produces amble yields in 8-10 weeks. Her bud produces a classic Cheese flavour with a fruity twist, and she induces a functional and extremely euphoric high.

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Blue Cheese

Award Buddha Tahoe



• 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, 3rd place for Best Overall Strain
2014 Spannabis Champions Cup, 2nd place for Best Indoor Hydro

One of the few 100% indicas still around, Buddha Tahoe is the child of Big Buddha Seeds’ original Tahoe cut of OG Kush. These cannabis seeds are quite literally a bit of living history, and have been selectively bred over the years to exemplify the very best of this OG Kush. With a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, a tangy, lemony flavour, and a deeply relaxing high, there is a lot to love about Buddha Tahoe!

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Buddha Tahoe

Award Blue Cheese Automatic



• 2013 Spannabis Champions Cup, 2nd place for Indoor Hydro

As the name suggests, Blue Cheese Automatic has all the great qualities of the original Blue Cheese, but in an easy to manage, fast growing automatic variety. Able to go from seed to harvest in roughly 10 weeks, Blue Cheese Auto maintains the pungent yet slightly fruity flavour of its namesake, as well as the euphoric and uplifting high. As she is an automatic, she can also be grown multiple times throughout the year – which is sure to put a smile on many grower’s faces. 

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Blue Cheese Auto


These are just some of Big Buddha Seeds’ great strains. If you want to see some quality at its finest, check out their full range here.


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Big Buddha Seeds are one of the UK’s premiere seed banks, producing of some of the finest Cheese strains available to date. Notorious for their pungent flavours and unbridled strength, Big Buddha’s cannabis seeds are worthy of any connoisseur.

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