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Packaging Dinafem

Dinafem packaging

When it comes to ensuring the customer has the best experience possible, Dinafem is on it! This expands into their packaging, which has been painstakingly put together to ensure cannabis seeds stay safe and optimal both in storage and on their way to you.  

To begin with, Dinafem houses their seeds in a re-sealable plastic tube. First, the seeds are placed in the tube, held at the bottom in a narrow point to ensure movement is kept to a minimum. Next goes in a breathable sponge to keep the seeds padded, followed by moisture beads to ensure humidity stays at an optimal level.

This tube is then placed in a circular metal pop-tin, further adding to the seed’s protection. It is truly A-class packaging, and as it is re-sealable, you don’t need to use all our seeds at once!

Dinafem cannabis seeds can be purchased in quantities of 3.


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Dinafem is a Spanish seed bank packed full of passion and talent. Everything they produce has been bred with painstaking love and care, taking the time to make sure it is the best it can be. Their philosophy can be summed up in one easy statement: “for growers, by growers.” You can find out everything you need to know about them here.

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