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CBD Crew cup winner

CBD Crew set the bar high when it comes to CBD breeding. So it only makes sense that they would win some awards for it.

 AwardCBD MediHaze



• 2015 Medical Stars Award, Best CBD strain

A crossing of Super Silver Haze with Nevil Haze, further crossed with a CBD parent, CBD MediHaze is a sativa dominant beast with a potent content. She grows with a reliable steadiness, able to produce yields of up to 550g/m² of sweet and spicy bud after 9-10 weeks of flowering. In terms of potency, the CBD/THC ratio can vary between 1:1-10:1, giving CBD MediHaze a range of potential applications. Both the CBD and THC content can vary between 6-15%. The THC has never been found to exceed the CBD content.

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 CBD MediHaze


 AwardCBD Skunk Haze



• 2013 TreatingYourself Expo, Sativa Cup

CBD Skunk Haze is one of CBD Crew’s most popular hybrids, producing abundant yields and offering easy to grow characteristics. The genetics are split an equal 50/50, providing the grower with the best of both sativa and indica traits. She has a flowering time of 10 weeks and is able to produce yields of up to 450g/m² of woody, citrus flavour bud. All CBD Skunk Haze plants produce a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1, with both CBD and THC content varying between 5-12%.

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CBD Skunk Haze


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Steeped in history, CBD Crew are one of the leading authorities on CBD-rich cannabis strains. When it comes to CBD breeding, there are few who are more knowledgeable. 

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