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About CBD Crew

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CBD Crew is a collaborative project between the expert breeders of Mr. Nice Seeds and Resin Seeds, with Howard Marks, Shantibaba, and Jamie of Resin Seeds all being heavily involved. The goal behind their crusade was to make CBD, one of the major non-psychoactive compounds of cannabis, available to everyone who would seek it. It is this mission statement that allowed them to put usual business rivalries aside and come together to better the seed market, and the cannabis community as a whole.

Their story started back in 2009, at Spannabis in Barcelona. Resin Seeds gave Canna labs a sample of their Cannatonic, which came back with a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1. In was their first successful foray into CBD genetics, but there was still a lot more work to do. At the time, only 50% of their Cannatonic seeds were producing CBD rich bud, so much more breeding and refinement was required. It is, without a doubt, a gigantic undertaking. In order to try and cut down on the huge amount of work required, Mr. Nice and Resin Seeds decided to pool their knowledge and, coming together to form CBD Crew, a breeding project whose ultimate aim was to produce high quality, CBD-rich cannabis seeds for the world to enjoy.


Today, CBD Crew continue to innovate and set the standard for cannabis strains with both high concentrations and high ratios of CBD. In fact, other seed banks are now working in conjunction with CBD Crew, sending them samples for CBD Crew’s endorsement! Their standards are that high, other seed banks see their endorsement as a badge of honour.

Included in their catalogue of highly regards strains are CBD Shark Shock, CBD MediHaze, CBD OG Kush, and CBD Skunk Haze; all of which have set the bar high for future CBD breeding, and are actively being used to make CBD hybrids.

Packaging CBD Crew

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All CBD Crew cannabis seeds come packaged in a sealed foil bag, ensuring seeds are kept safe, stable and tamper proof.

CBD Crew cannabis seeds are sold in packs of 5, available in feminized, autoflowering and regular varieties.


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Steeped in history, CBD Crew are one of the leading authorities on CBD-rich cannabis strains. When it comes to CBD breeding, there are few who are more knowledgeable. 

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