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How to chew Betel Nut

Before embarking on its use, it is important to understand that betel nut is not very effective on its own, as the active ingredient (arecoline) is not easily absorbed by the body. In order to effectively use betel nut, it must be used in conjunction with edible lime, which facilitates better absorption.

To use the nut, break it up into small pieces, or even grind it into a powder. As it is to be chewed, you can make the pieces as big or small as you feel comfortable with. 1/4 of a nut is a good dosage to start with - to get a bearing on how it effects you. Mix the nut with about 0.25g of edible lime. Take the mixture and place it between your cheek and your teeth, chewing it every now and again. Do not swallow the nut/lime mixture, but ensure you swallow the saliva that is produced. Do this for about an hour, before spitting it out.

Another method is to powder the nut, mix it with lime, and then place it on a piece of already chewed gum (chewed for about a minute to get it wet). This allows you to chew gum at the same time, adjusting the flavour and meaning you don’t have to hold it in your cheek.

A normal dose of betel nut is 2g. Never use more than 2g at once, and never more than 5g a day.

Betel Nut