Why Synthethic Cannabis Really Sucks
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Why Synthethic Cannabis Really Sucks

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Synthetic marijuana is technically legal, but trust us when we say you do not want to go anywhere near the stuff!

We now know that the last century of cannabis prohibition has been a blight on humankind. As a society, we are now working towards its legalisation in a hope to secure clean and safe access for those who want it. However, it is not a process that happens overnight, and as people are coming to terms with the fact that cannabis isn’t devil sent, but isn’t yet legal, a market has opened up for alternatives.

One such alternative is synthetic marijuana. It goes by many names: K-2, Spice, Bliss, Blaze, Yucatan Fire, and a whole list of various chemical references - such as JWH-018, which change as its chemical composition does. Now, before we get into more detail about why synthetic marijuana sucks, if there is one thing you take away from this article, make sure it is the understanding to NEVER USE SYNTHETIC MARIJUANA. It is by no means the same as real marijuana.

It is extremely dangerous, and draws in the people who want the effects of marijuana, but still want to obey the law. The thing is, this legality is only technical, and takes advantage of loopholes in the law. Synthetic marijuana is made by altering various chemicals in a lab to produce an end drug. As soon as one variety is made illegal, the producers simply alter the chemical composition again, technically making it a different substance, and thus legal again. And whilst these chemicals create ‘marijuana like’ effects, nothing is really known about them. They have caused an alarming number of comas and deaths, as well as being attributed to brain and kidney damage.


The fact that we know nothing about the rapidly changing chemical compositions of synthetic cannabis, and the long term effects these chemicals have, other than from the overdoses we have seen, is extremely alarming. Because synthetic cannabis takes advantages of legal loopholes, and isn’t meant to actually be legal, there is no kind of regulation in place to ensure its safety. You may say ‘well real cannabis isn’t regulated’, and you would be correct; but there are a number of things that need to be considered here.

Firstly, cannabis is a natural, unadulterated plant. It has been researched in great depth, we know how it affects us, and we know that it is impossible to overdose on.

Then there is the fact that calling synthetic cannabis legal is extremely misleading, drawing people in and making them think it must be safe, when it could not be anything further from the truth. Something that is legal and unregulated makes it readily available to everyone – even kids.


One of the problems with a lab made synthetic cannabis is that it has been tailor made to specifically seek out and target cannabinoid receptors within the brain. The THC and cannabinoids in real cannabis are partial agnostics, meaning whilst they do bind to cannabinoid receptors, they do not do it in an overpowering way. On the other hand, Synthetic marijuana has been made to be fully agnostic, activating cannabinoid receptors with full force. It is also thought that, not only is synthetic cannabis more efficient than normal cannabis at binding to receptors, it is also up to 100 times more potent.

You may think this all sounds great, but it isn’t. When it comes to the toxicity of any substance, the key is in the dose. Drink a cup of water in a short period of time and it is a benefit to your body. Drink a gallon of water in the same time frame and it could cause a seizure. Synthetic marijuana does not contain THC, it is not the same as cannabis, it binds to receptors too quickly, and hits with a deadly force.


Another, very dangerous aspect of synthetic marijuana is that the body isn’t very good at deactivating it. Normally, when real cannabis is used, the body eventually deactivates it by metabolising it. However, research has shown that even after being metabolised, synthetic cannabis still retains its potency, leaving it unchecked in the body.

At the end of the day, everyone makes their own decisions. However, no matter what the marketing materials may say, synthetic cannabis is extremely dangerous. It is not a legitimate product that has science at its back, but simply a constant string of lab altered chemicals that take advantage of legal loopholes. They suck, pure and simple. Don’t risk your health.

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