The Surprising Way Hemp Seeds Benefit The Body

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The Surprising Way Hemp Seeds Benefit The Body

Hemp seed has long been touted as a healthy and nutritious addition to our diets. But now scientists have finally discovered how this superfood helps us.

Hemp seed is well known for its nutritional benefits. Many nutritionists and health experts swear by them, and they offer athletes a safe and natural way to build up muscle and stay energised. Now, science has discovered that high nutrition is not the only benefit hemp has to offer, as two of proteins it contains have been identified as being able to repair damaged DNA – a rare and highly beneficial trait.

The high nutritional value of help has long been recognized. Before it was shunned by society for its link to cannabis, hemp was a major food source the world over (and still is in some parts). Science has found hemp to have the perfect nutritional profile for human needs, and our forefathers, such as those in Australia, managed to survive on a diet of pure hemp in times of drought and famine – thanks to hemp’s ability to grow in harsh climates and provide the body with most of its needs. Hemp is even thought to be a potential world cure for hunger, and the fact that we are not using it is a travesty.

Hemp And DNA

Hemp’s ability to repair human DNA is just the latest medal in its already large collection. DNA is the blueprint of the human body. It is our very foundation from which the rest of the body operates and develops, and as we age it becomes damaged. It is a natural process, mainly caused by the oxidation and deterioration that occurs as we grow older. It’s like anything you own – the more you use it, the more worn it becomes.

The body is actually very well equipped to deal with it, and can repair most minor damage itself. However, on occasion, our DNA can encounter severe damage, which is not so easy to fix. Although not normally serious, it can sometimes cause complications further down the line.

Hemp is a complete source of protein, meaning it has every protein the body needs to stay healthy. Of these proteins, two have been singled out as being special - edestin and albumin. Both of these have been shown to aid the body in its attempts to repair DNA, and make it much more successful. So, far the only discovered source of edestin is hemp seed, so if you want to add something super healthy to your diet, go out and get some!