Strain Review: Guerrilla's Gusto
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Strain Review: Guerrilla's Gusto

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Make the most of Northern Europe's short, cold summers with Guerrilla's Gusto by Sensi Seeds. You can leave this mould-resistant strain alone all season and still get big yields by September.

From the backyard to the outback, Guerrilla’s Gusto makes growing cannabis outdoors extremely easy and very rewarding. As long as these plants have a reliable water source and you do a little upfront prep work, they can go from seedling to harvest with very little attention from you and still produce a great yield by early fall. If you're planning a true guerrilla grow for the coming season, here's what you need to know about this hardy strain:


Growing outdoors in Northern Europe is a major challenge. The summers are short, it never seems to stop raining, and mould can be a huge problem for cannabis growers. Guerrilla’s Gusto has the strength, the vigour and the early finish that's needed to not only survive those conditions but to take them in stride. While we don't recommend tempting fate, some have reported successfully growing this strain in swamps and having seedlings pull through even after they were hit with a late frost.

For the best results, plant your seeds inside near the end of March so you'll have established seedlings ready to go by the time the weather warms up in late April. If you're growing in the wild, scope out a good plot now so you have time to prepare the soil in advance. This means you can get in, plant your seedlings, and get out quickly if you need to keep your activities secret, but it also gives the nutrients time to break down and condition the soil beforehand.

Look for a good clearing in a wooded area that's wide enough to give your plants plenty of sun; the buds might be a little fluffy unless they get six or more hours of full sun most days. The surrounding trees will help hide your young plants, but Guerrilla’s Gusto can grow to a full three meters (nine feet) in height. Choose a secluded area with very little traffic to reduce your chances of detection.

Once you pick a spot, dig one large hole for each seedling. Break up the soil so that it's relatively loose, remove most of the bigger rocks or other debris, and mix in a little sweet garden lime and some organic material like worm castings or manure. Refill each hole as you finish mixing. If you don't have time to do this in advance, side dress your seedlings when you plant them to protect their young roots from nutrient burn.

Guerrilla's Gusto (Sensi Seeds) Regular

When you return with your seedlings, the soil will have settled, but it should still be loose enough to make planting easy. Create a cage around your young plants using chicken wire or something similar to protect them from the local wildlife until they harden off. From there, you can let nature take its course until early fall. With light nutrients, adequate water and a nice amount of sun, Guerrilla’s Gusto won't need any help from you to reach her true potential.

Guerrilla's Gusto grows quickly with lots of long, vertical stems covered in healthy, dark-green leaves. About mid-summer, hair-like pistils will burst forth at the nodes before the buds plump up and start to spiral around the branches to form tight, greenish-white colas. By the end of September, those colas will fill in with a solid mass of stacked buds, giving them an elongated, spear-like shape. If you end up with a few bushy 9-footers, you'll could easily be looking at a pound or more per plant.

Don't forget that you'll need to dry and trim all those buds when you're done. If you can't grow at home because you don't have enough space or you don't want people to know what you're doing, coming back with several ounces to several pounds of wet cannabis could pose an even bigger problem. Just like you prepared the soil before you planted your tender seedlings, plan ahead of time.


With solid genetics including Skunk, landrace strains from both northern and southern India and several other popular classics, Guerrilla’s Gusto has a flavour that's best described as old school with plenty of spice, a little bit of hash and just the right amount of sweetness. This heavy smoke will coat your mouth in a velvety layer that'll linger long after you're done while the smell is reminiscent of classic weed from the 70s and 80s: sweet and thick with a characteristic pungency that you can't mistake for anything else but great herb.


If you enjoy a strong Indica stone that leaves you red-eyed and comfortably numb, you'll want plenty of Guerrilla’s Gusto in your stash. This is a 90% Indica with a hard-hitting physical effect that'll leave you feeling totally relaxed and free from minor aches and pains. Infrequent smokers may experience a heavy couch-locking effect, but even the highly tolerant will feel thoroughly baked. With very little cerebral action, you won't feel a bit of anxiety or paranoia with this strain.


If you like to constantly fuss over your plants and peak at them every hour on the hour, Guerrilla’s Gusto isn't the right choice for you, but it should be your go-to strain if you're a busy outdoor grower. Want a trouble-free container garden in your backyard that won't die if you go on holiday for a few weeks? This is the one!



Written by: Laura
Featuring as a regular guest writer, Laura lives in the wild heart of the American East Coast. Based at her family farm, she has developed a deep respect for cannabis, continuing to master and hone its cultivation.

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