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Best Cannabis Strains For Guerrilla Growing

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Keeping it stealthy is the number one priority when guerrilla growing cannabis. Getting your species selection right at the start will increase your chances of success. The best species for guerrilla growing are available from the Zamnesia head shop.


A picture of a massively muscled silver back primate in overalls with dirt under its fingernails immediately comes to mind. As funny as this may be, Guerrilla growing really borrows its name from guerrilla warfare. Small often difficult to detect bands of fighters standing against larger forces. Usually using local knowledge to covert benefit. Guerrilla growing is the same - a grower with intimate knowledge fo the local area, stealthily growing a couple of plants without detection.

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A Brief Guide To Guerrilla Growing Cannabis


The guerrilla grower is usually someone who wants to keep their grow a complete secret from everything and everyone. Be it from potential thieves or nosy neighbours, guerrilla growing maximises chances of keep a few plants hidden while they mature. Guerrilla gorws are often hands-off, with the grower spending as little time as possible with thier plants - further minimising discovery. As such, many outdoor growers without a lot of land to themselves opt for this style of growing.


When considering a clandestine guerrilla type grow, species choice should be of first concern. Sure everyone dreams of gigantic mega plants. However not everyone has access to the type of dense cover needed for such exploits. Breeds that don't grow too tall and mature quickly are ideal for hidden grows. They can be easily put out of sight under tree canopies. They can be tied down and hidden in long grass or among a vegetable patch. Two or three pot plants on an apartment balcony tied down among the potted petunias and palms will disappear to a neighbours eye.

They probably won't disappear to a neighbours nose though. So judicious companion planting of other strongly perfumed flowers and herbs is recommended in the urban garden. Lavender, hops and marigolds go a long way to disguise the distinctive cannabis aroma. Include them in covert home grows to disguise smells and benefit the cannabis itself as it grows.


There are many contemporary strains that are ideal for guerrilla growing. The advent of auto flowering strains has been a boon for the guerrilla grower. Quickly maturing crops of high quality weed that can allow two crops per season in warmer climates. Feminized weed now reduces the need to continually investigate crops for males. Less time spent at a guerrilla spot is less of a chance of being uncovered due to "suspicious activity".


Guerrilla Gusto Sensi Seeds

Guerrilla's Gusto was specifically bred with the stealth grower in mind. It is a cross combination of some of the best contemporary cannabis on offer today. This strain will suit outdoor growers as far north as the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Hybrid vigour is showcased in the ways a guerrilla grower likes. Rapid growth. Fast to flower. Heavy resin production. Quick to finish. Bug, mold, cold and pathogen proof. Ideal for novices or the experienced grower will be able to produce some world class yields.

Guerrilla's Gusto dazzled the growers in northern Spain when it was being stabilized and bred. The 2-3 metre size is unusual for such a rapidly growing plant that matures in mid September. An early start under lights can really boost things along when larger plants are possible. When dried and cured the darkly shaded nuggets impart a long lasting body stone. A spicy fruitiness is coupled with a skunk familiarity in the fragrance and taste that any aficionado will enjoy.


Frisian Duck Dutch Passion

Frisian Duck has built in stealth. It just doesn't look like cannabis during the vegetative period. The breeding process has retained the webbed leaflets of the Ducks Foot parent. The long leaf stalk from petiole to trunk gives the plants a shaggy look rather than a recognizable cannabis silhouette. More traditionally shaped leaves appear during flowering, but these are sparse. The Frisian Duck has an excellent leaf to bud ratio. Fresian Duck has a cloak of invisibility when hidden in a quiet sunny corner between other non cannabis plants.

The purple flowers on a maturing plant are a dead give away in the end though. As is the distinct citrus and pine forest smell, but only to the cannabis savvy. The brain knows weed, but the eye has difficulty spotting it.

Expect a 1.5 metre plant if left untopped that will mature in eight quick weeks after flowering has begun - finishing sometime in October. The thick sparkly colas really showing the indica lineage. Providing a mellow body and cheeky cerebral sparkle the eyecatching dark buds do not disappoint . All that guerrilla stress will disappear with one spicy exhale.


Auto Frisian Dew Dutch Passion

Creating a plant that grows well in northern climes has also given the guerrilla grower an ideal stealth plant in Auto Frisian Dew. Fully mature at 1 - 1.3 metres tall, the compact, sometimes purple central cola steals the show. Developed outdoors in Holland, a deep knowledge of the cannabis plant is evident in this hardy and resistant strain. Planted in mid April to early May Auto Fresian Dew is ready in 10 - 11 weeks from the moment leaves appear.

After a quick vegetation, most of that time is spent fattening the main flower cluster. The guerrilla grower can confidently bend these plants almost horizontal and disguise a row of mainlined colas in a vegetable patch.

At harvest time the flowers are firm to the touch. Your trimming room will smell quite extraordinary with a heady sweetness and familiar skunky feltiness to the air. Heavy and long lasting the effects of great cannabis like Auto Fresian Dew make guerrilla growing 100% worthwhile. The bonus of feminization removes a great deal of stress. No boys, no worries.


Low Ryder 2 Zamnesia Seeds

This quick growing strain is what guerrilla tactics are really all about. In and out quickly with the most bang for your buck. Low Ryder 2 Automatic will deliver world class buds in a jaw dropping eight weeks. Amazingly yields are not compromised per square metre with such a speedy grow time. Low Ryder 2 Automatic produces large tight buds on plants no taller than 80cm.

These dwarf Christmas trees are easy to hide and their subtle fragrance can mean bolder growing strategies.

Low Ryder 2 Automatic represents the next level in stealth gardening without compromise in flavour, taste and potency. With no need to worry about males this feminized strain requires less attention than regular seeds. Just good soil and regular water is all it takes to put chunky knuckles of sweet flowers in the jar. The breeders at Zamnesia have really created a mini monster in this indica dominant strain.


Power Skunk Kannabia

Power Skunk is a feminized Skunk #1 that has been given an indica turbocharging by crossing with a Black Domina. Denser and heavier Skunk type buds seem like a dream, but after a short 55 days the dream is reality.

Oozing that well-known Skunk aroma, feminized Power Skunk is a classic. Bushy, with that distinctly serrated Skunk leaf these plants can grow to an impressive 2 metres outdoors. Tipped and kept shorter they will fill a cubic metre easily.

Germinated in late April, Power Skunk will be weighted with fat buds and ready for harvest by October. Retaining the unique Skunk fragrance is a joy in the jar, but outdoors location must be considered. Famously called Skunk for a reason, the signature Skunk aroma is difficult to disguise and may attract unwanted attention. If you have a great spot with no prying noses, Power Skunk will reward the guerrilla grower with heavy sticky yields. All the benefits of Skunk in a chunkier and faster producing package with a twist of citrus.

Good luck guerrillas!


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