Mark The Date: Global Ibogaine Conference 2016
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Mark The Date: Global Ibogaine Conference 2016

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The way addiction is dealt with is changing, and it partly thanks to ibogaine, and the great minds pushing this natural remedy forwards.

Even before the war on drugs began, science has been looking into effective ways to treat addiction. For the most part, this has historically focused on pharmaceutical methods, but as the war begins to come to a close, the emphasis is shifting to more natural, herbal solutions. On such solution is ibogaine, and it is making waves within the scientific community – so much so, that there is now going to be an ibogaine conference to explore, share, and discuss the current findings.

It is big news in the fight against addiction, and is a testament to the growing popularity of ibogaine as a potential treatment. The spotlight is firmly on this natural remedy.


Ibogaine is a natural powder derived from iboga shrub, found in the Western regions of Africa. It has a long history of indigenous use for both healing and spiritual Bwiti ceremonies, which continues to this day.


Although humans have used it for hundreds of years, it is only over the last decade or so that Western science has realised the potentials of ibogaine for treating opiate addiction. Thanks to this, from March 14-16, 2016, professionals, practitioners, and scientists from across the globe will be gathering and discuss important issues surrounding the remedy. Issues like the plants ability to act as a treatment, the sustainability of large-scale cultivation, the ethics of its use, traditional practices, global drugs policy, and many other factors surrounding the shrub.


Ibogaine is being hailed as a potential game changer due to its ability to interrupt opiate cravings. The great majority of addicts who undergo ibogaine therapy report having absolutely no cravings after a session, and even more remarkably, don’t suffer any of the physical or mental withdrawals.

Research conducted into the way ibogaine works has reasoned that it binds to opiate receptors in the brain, removing the body’s desire to have opiates. It effectively caps the receptor, allowing the body to heal and get passed the addiction, without cravings or withdrawals surfacing.

Currently, ibogaine is only used in smaller treatment centres in countries where the substance is legal.

It is hoped that this upcoming conference will thrust ibogaine fully onto the world stage, highlighting its potential, and taking the herbal remedy on step further down the road to becoming a mainstream treatment and prescription medicine. For readers who have an interest in ibogaine, want to attend the conference, or want to find out more, you can check out the conference website here. Prominent minds are coming together, and they are changing the future for the better.

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