DNA Genetics Starts a New Line of Seeds: The Grow Your Own Collection
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DNA Genetics Starts a New Line of Seeds: The Grow Your Own Collection

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For quite a while now, the master breeders of DNA genetics have been tinkering away to produce, hone, and perfect a whole new line of cannabis seeds. The good news? They are done, and they are awesome! Meet the 'Grow Your Own Collection'!

DNA Genetics has produced a whole new range of cannabis seeds, specifically with the connoisseur in mind – the Grow Your Own Collection. It has taken Don and Aaron from DNA Genetics a lot of hard work and dedication to produce them, but the results have been worth it. What makes it even better is that this new range consists of a wide array of traits, tastes, and aromas, meaning there should be something for everyone.

The Grow Your Own Collection is brand spanking new to the market. It's so new we haven't even have time to write the descriptions for all the strains yet, but the first 4 strains are ready, so take a look!:


Created from breeding OG#18 with Martian Mean Green, and then breeding the result with another OG#18, Double Alien 18 is a 60/40 indica dominant strain with large buds, large yields, and an out of this world high.

Check out Double Alien 18


As the name suggests, Lemon Walker is the mix of Lemon Skunk and Skywalker Kush. It has resulted in a top-shelf strain that is easy to grow, produces some very potent effects, and has a sharp, citrus taste and aroma that is followed up with earthy undertones.

Check out Lemon Walker


R.K.S. is a sativa dominant powerhouse created from combining Afghani, Colombian, and Thai genetics. It creates a long lasting, uplifting and euphoric high, whilst tantalizing with a skunky, old-school flavour.

Check out R.K.S.


Sharksbreath is the child of Great White Shark and Jamaican Lambsbread. It is a heavy resin producer, and induces an undeniably powerful and long lasting indica high – making it a great one for end of day chilling.

Check out Sharksbreath

These are but 4 of the initial 11 being released in the range, and we strongly urge you to check them out in more detail. We have been impressed thus far, and hope you will be to. The rest of the strains will be added to our website in the upcoming days!

[Update: OK, work is done, all strains are online and available... so check out the full range of cannabis seeds from the Grow Your Own Collection by DNA Genetics!]


For those of you who have never dealt with DNA Genetics before, they are a Dutch seed bank of American origin, and they have a rapidly growing reputation for producing all-star cannabis strains. Since founding just over 8 years ago, they have taken the cannabis community by storm, winning over 50 awards! Their new 'Grow Your Own Collection' looks like it is on course to maintain the trend, and take things to a whole new level.

Take a look at the cannabis seeds of DNA Genetics.

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