Confirmed: Cannabis Reduces Seizures
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Confirmed: Cannabis Reduces Seizures

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There is finally clinical research showing that cannabis extracts can help relieve epileptic seizures in children.

For quite a while now we have both anecdotally and pre-clinically known that cannabis extracts can help control seizures – especially in children. You only need to look at the sad, yet heart-warming story of Charlotte Figi (and the many more like her) to see how cannabis can change lives. Well, this field of study has taken a step forward, making the possibilities of cannabis based medication much more likely, as a clinical trials post positive results.

The first experiment we are looking at was published in April’s edition of the scientific journal Epilepsy & Behaviour. In this experiment, researchers from the Colorado Children’s Hospital conducted a review of children with epilepsy provided a CBD rich cannabis extract. It was found that 57% of the children showed a significant improvement in seizure reduction, with 33% reporting a reduction greater than 50%. Not only this, but children were much more alert and showed improved behaviour.

The second piece of clinical research that is worth mentioning was also published this April. It showed that the administration of CBD extracts decreased seizure frequency by up to 54% over a 12-week period in children with epilepsy resistant to more traditional forms of treatment.

It is all great news, and gives hope to struggling parents that there may one day be an easily available safe and effective treatment for their loved ones. There are already parents from all over the world flocking to Colorado, in hopes that they can find a better life for both themselves and their children. It is only a matter of time before modern medicine makes this a reality for everyone.


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