Cannabis Helps Prevent Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage

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Cannabis Helps Prevent Alcohol-Induced Brain Damage

Recent research suggests that CBD could potentially protect the brain from alcohol-induced damage.

The last few years have seen medical research surrounding cannabis come on in leaps and bounds. This is particularly the case with CBD, one of the main cannabinoids found within cannabis. Initial findings have found a wide range of practical and potentially life changing uses for this compound.

In January we covered the research that found CBD could undo alcohol induced liver damage. Now there is research to suggest it can also prevent the damage alcohol does to the brain. The study, conducted by the University of Kentucky’s Pharmaceutical Science department, found that when CBD was applied to rats (which happen to have very similar functioning to humans), alcohol induced cortex degeneration was reduced by roughly 50%! What makes it even more interesting is that the CBD was administered in two ways, through both injection and topically to the skin; and it was found that both were equally effective.

CBD as a treatment?

Although promising, these results need to be scientifically replicated with humans first before there is any chance of seeing any future CBD related treatments; but it is another notch for the reasons to end prohibition, and in the argument of cannabis over alcohol.

When you compare cannabis to alcohol, a substance which is legal in most countries, it really makes you wonder what is going on. How can something like alcohol, with all its negative effects and few benefits, be legal when cannabis is not? Professor David Nutt, a prominent figure when it comes to drug policy, has even suggested that legalised and regulated cannabis could cut alcohol consumption by a quarter, having an overall positive effect on society and health. When you combine this with the fact that cannabis may be able to actually prevent the damage alcohol causes, you have to question who current policies are serving.

Let us hope that change comes soon. The evidence in favor of cannabis is reaching mountainous proportions - there is no ignoring it.

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