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Bomb Seeds: The Most Explosive Marijuana Genetics In The Game

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Cannabis seedbanks with unique original genetics are rare these days. Bomb Seeds are the only marijuana breeders in the game specialising in producing cannabis strains that are both highly potent and highly productive. Carpet Bomb the grow op with these magical beans and crop explosive cannabis plants yourself.


Explosive potency, maximum yield, and superior quality are what make Bomb Seeds the bomb cannabis seed bank. The breeders at Bomb Seeds don’t play with fire! They cultivate it. Genetics are everything when it comes to growing marijuana. Only Bomb Seeds have the unique strains and expertise to blow the competition away. While others improvise, the specialists innovate.


Bomb Seeds first exploded on the cannabis scene in 2007. But the huge payload of incendiary marijuana varieties in their catalogue were decades in the making. During the mid-1990’s the future breeders of Bomb Seeds were travelling throughout South East Asia.

On their travels, they hunted and in some instances happened upon amazing marijuana. The exceptional cannabis strains they encountered were precious. Fortunately for all of us today, they retained those beans.

Cut to a decade later, the group of strain hunting adventurers has settled in the Netherlands to begin a marijuana “Manhattan Project”. Selective breeding of the diverse genetics of South East Asia culminated in the creation of two weed war machines THC Bomb and Buzz Bomb. Rather than the cannabis seeds of destruction, they proved to both growers and tokers to be weapons of mass consciousness expansion.

The advanced cannabis breeding never ceased and the prized heirloom landrace Afghani acquired from clandestine sources became Bomb #1. While the rare sativa species from past travels were carefully selected and then refined like raw yellow cake into weapons-grade uranium to derive the Bomb #2.

Furthermore, access to local Dutch coffee shop legends like White Widow, Blueberry and Big Bud facilitated further “Fat Boy” cannabis crosses and devastating hybrids. Over the years the Bomb Seeds arsenal has expanded and diversified like a cannabis industrial complex. Today Bomb Seeds is the first cannabis seed bank Superpower. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best Bomb Seeds THC delivery systems.



THC Bomb Bomb Seeds

The original Bomb cannabis strain. Frosty nuggs the size of hand grenades and a main cola like a Cruise missile. Guaranteed explosive potency and a huge payload come harvest. THC Bomb was discovered as the Bomb Seeds travelled S. E. Asia and later refined in the Netherlands.

Growers within the blast radius of the THC Bomb will be knocked by the amazing flower to leaf ratio and further stunned by how fast such a productive strain can finish flowering. In just 8 weeks of bloom 20%+ dense buds will tip your scales.

Outdoors, THC Bomb will pack on so many buds on her compact frame that individual bushy plants can yield as much as 1kg in optimal conditions. Indoors THC is highly recommended for growers of all levels from veteran pros to first timers. SOG and ScrOG methods combined with THC Bomb are phenomenal.


Cherry Bomb Bomb Seeds

Cherry Bomb is the hard hitting, heavy yielding, flavour explosion of every cannabis grower and users dreams. This strain is the progeny of “Green Fusion”. The highest yielding strain in the Bomb Seeds collection the Big Bomb was partnered with the Fruitiest hybrid to create Cherry Bomb.

Cropping the Cherry Bomb indoors or outdoors is low maintenance and incredibly rewarding. Low temperatures towards the end of the short bloom cycle encourage the leaves and flowers to take on purple and cherry hues. Expect an uplifting cerebral buzz. Swiftly followed by a mellow body effect from these tasty sweet and skunky buds. All in just 8-10 weeks of bloom.


Gorilla Bomb Bomb Seeds

You have probably already heard by now that the Gorilla Glue #4 is punching through the 25% THC barrier. The breeders at Bomb Seeds have really outdone themselves and pushed the envelope even further by creating the Gorilla Bomb. THC Bomb blended with an original Gorilla Glue #4 clone was always going to be something special. Gorilla Bomb is a 21st century Bud Bunker-Buster.

The only real criticism that could be levelled against the Gorilla Glue #4 is that some find it too earthy and even harsh tasting. Gorilla Bomb is even stickier with a delicious sweet and sour chocolate flavour combined with diesel undertones.

Whether cultivated indoors or outdoors, regardless of grow op configuration, the Gorilla Bomb never fails to impress. Although, for maximum yields LST and ScrOG methods best harness the sativa dominant traits of Gorilla Bomb. High tolerance to nutrients also allows the grower to push it to full dose feeds.

Keep an eye on the humidity levels during bloom as buds will swell significantly in late flowering. The effects of this weed come on fast and furious in a head-body blow combo. So beware newbies. Gorilla Bomb even puts the lights out for King Kong stoners.


Edam Bomb Bomb Seeds

Edam Bomb is the product of the legendary Cheese from the UK and a select hybrid of Bomb#1/Bomb #3. Her highly explosive genetics have spawned the fastest flowering Cheese hybrid. Edam Bomb can complete bloom in just 6-8 weeks. Take note outdoor growers. Even a short summer is just long enough for this Cheese.

Few tinker with the Cheese with success. But the Bomb Seeds breeders are experts in handling and enhancing fire marijuana genetics. All the signature Cheese characteristics have been retained from distinct flavour and fragrance to the enduring physical high. 

Easy to grow and ideally suited to SOG cultivation. The Edam Bomb is the definitive Cheese hybrid on the market right now.


Berry Bomb Bomb Seeds

Blueberry is another coffee shop and dispensary legend that the Bomb Seeds breeders couldn’t resist hybridising with a prize Bomb#1 stud to create Berry Bomb. Hands down the most generous yielding member of the Blue family. Make no mistake this is not merely Blueberry on steroids. This is Wolverine. Think “weapon X” level upgrades.

Budding is prolific and combined with the ScrOG method the Berry Bomb will make your grow op look like a purple forest in flavour country. Low maintenance and high mould resistance make this strain a winner with beginner growers and commercial cultivators alike.

Cooler night time temps will unleash the lavender colours in late bloom. Indica traits dominate the high making it a full body effect. Although an initial uplifting sativa rush is the rocket that takes you up before the mellow indica relaxed body stoned takes over.

Steven Voser
Steven Voser
Steven Voser is an independent cannabis journalist with over 6 years of experience writing about all things weed; how to grow it, how best to enjoy it, and the booming industry and murky legal landscape surrounding it.
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