THC Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized


THC Bomb is precisely what the name says, she is a true bomb when it comes to the THC content. This variety is a great choice for commercial growers; she stays rather short, requires only 7-9 weeks to develop large, delicious and potent buds and delivers high yields. No matter how many time we nagged Bomb Seeds, they would not reveal the lineage to us. 20-25% THC.

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Bomb Seeds - THC Bomb: Bombastic when it comes to THC

THC Bomb is a great variety for commercial growers; the plants stay rather short, require only 7-9 weeks to develop big, delicious and potent buds and deliver high yields. We were slightly (OK, more than) disappointed when Bomb Seeds refused to reveal the lineage to us, no matter how many times we nagged them, but screw it, she is exactly what the name already suggests, she is a true bomb when it comes to the THC content and we respect that they want to keep the genetics a secret. But we are fanatics and thus had to ask around ... and heard this: Allegedly THC Bomb is a cross of Big Bud x Pure Power Plant and then back-crossed with Big Bud.

THC Bomb exhibits an extreme vigor and branches nicely, making her a good choice for a ScrOG setup, but she performs great outdoors as well. An indoor harvest can amount to 550-650g/m² and the buds are truly a feast for the eye - tons of bright orange hairs protrude the rock-hard buds covered in frosty white trichromes. Grown under perfect conditions the THC level is above 20% and can even reach 25%. The taste is very skunky, with hints of fresh earth and a dash of sourness.

THC Bomb is a very good choice for nighttime use. The Sativa effects come on almost immediately, but after a few minutes have passed, the Indica share grabs a hold of you and will not let you go anymore. The medicinal effects are relaxing, pain relief and have anti-anxiety properties. It also works great for an improved appetite. In larger doses she can even be used to get really dozy.

THC Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Bomb Seeds
Genetics Indica/Sativa
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC 25%
Yield (Indoor) 600-650 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) High
Height (Indoor) 90cm
Height (Outdoor) Short
Available as Feminized seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
Reviews (11)

    FRANCE :Très bon Service very good services
    J'ai reçu les graines commandées ( 4 paquets de 5 graines) et 3 sachets d'engrais, avec un très léger retard (4 jours) qui m'avait été expliqué le jour même de ma commande ( une variété n'était pas en stock), et malgré la neige, les graines sont arrivées, j'ai reçu en cadeau un paquet de 5 graines de sour diesel, un grinder plastique, un desodorisant de voiture, des feuilles à rouler, et des stickers. je viens de planter les graines, je vous en dirai plus dans qq semaines. Pour le moment je suis très content. I received the seeds i've paid for ( 4 box of 5 seeds) and also 3 packets of fertilizer, a bit later (4 days) witch have been explained the day i bought ( one variety wasn't in reserve), and even with the snow, the seeds came. i received few gifts: a 5 seeds box of ' feminized sour diesel', a plastic grinder, a perfum for cars, a box of rolling paper, and stickers . I just put the seeds, i'll tell you more in a few weeks. Right now i feel happy


    Genau mein Geschmack
    100 % Keimrate, sehr stabile, kräftige Pflanzen. Mega Geschmack und noch besseres High. Habe schon einige probiert, aber THC-Bomb ist mein absoluter Favorit. Sie macht ihrem Namen alle Ehre und schlägt ein wie eine Bombe. I love it 🥰 Danke an das gesamte Zammi Team 🥳 Ihr seit einfach Top. Macht genauso weiter 🥳


    Top Qualität
    Jeder Samen hat gekeimt und eine stattliche Pflanze Hervorgebracht. THC-Bomb ist die stärkste Sorte die ich je probiert habe. Einfach top.


    Pretty strong one, tastes good
    The yield yas decent even tho my growing conditions are not optimized. Just a bit disappointed, I thought the flowers would be purple because of the photo. Spoiler : not .


    all seeds germinated bushy babies and cant wait for the harvest


    THC Bomb - Und dann knallte Sie so richtig
    5 Samen, alle 5 gekeimt, perfekt. Wuchs: Erstaunlich stark, sehr Widerstandsfähig, auffallend Symmetrisch, also perfekt. Geschmack: Skunk, je nach Fermentierung Zitrone oder ein Hauch grüner Apfel, kombiniert mit etwas Erde. Hört sich geil an, schmeckt aber insgesamt eher enttäuschend. Wirkung: Also, 1 Kopf mit Ca. 0,2 g war genau Richtig. Alles danach, war nicht mehr lustig. Definitiv nichts für Anfänger, aber sehr starke Wirkung. Body Buzz, welcher in der Intensität so stark Wirkt, dass die betroffene Körperstellen gefühlt glühen, zudem Lachflashs, Gute Laune und leider sehr schlimme, zu starke Fressflashes. Bei manch einer Sorte Widerstehe ich dem Fressflash, doch bei dieser war dieser leider derart stark, dass ich entsprechend Legendäre mengen an Nahrung verzehrt habe, vorwiegend fettig versteht sich von selbst. Ertrag ohne Manipulation mit 65W, waren etwa 60g nach 4 Monaten.


    A 12 cm aveva già 8 internodi. Fenotipo dall aspetto molto indico anke se è un ibrido. Si parla realmente di valori contenuti dal 25 al 21 %. Una delle più forti che ho misurato Produce fuori 300g pianta


    Very strong
    Good yield(indoor about 40-50gr per plant),strong,long lasting effect,not for light stoners.


    ..Indoor wie Outdoor ein Genuss! Outdoor Ende September geerntet! Hab die Pflanze bewusst klein gehalten, lässt sich gut manipulieren! Keimrate 5/5 dabei 2 Indica lastige und 3 Sativa lastige! Ernte zwischen 40-60gr (Ind.) und 60-80gr. (Outd.) Fette, harzige Buds...immer wieder gerne! Thx Zamnesia!


    Burner....!!! ;)
    Super power plant....!!!! Wächst sehr schnell...!!!

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THC Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized
THC Bomb (Bomb Seeds) feminized