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As soon as a product contains hemp, people think about marijuana and a harmful and forbidden plant. But the truth is, hemp is a very versatile plant with many types of use. All hemp products in our shop meet European standards (no more than 0.2% THC in dry matter, so don't expect any kick or other side-effect) and are of course perfectly legal. Hemp has found its way into many cosmetic products - lip balm, hand and foot cream, shampoo, body lotion - and the popularity of those products is increasing rapidly. First and foremost, most of the products contain hemp-oil, a hypoallergenic oil full of unsaturated fatty acids that improves the quality and resilience of the skin. Furthermore it contains vitamins, minerals and phytosterols and penetrates deeper layers in the skin than other oils, harmonizes the pH of the skin and hydrates without being sticky. In cremes it helps with eczema and psoriasis.

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CBD Salve Extra (Trompetol)

Trompetol Extra is a salve for those in need of that extra bit of strength. Using a similar formula as used in Trompetol, Trompetol Extra is produced with a much higher concentration of Cannabis sativa extract, which increases the amount of CBD present in the mixture. Although chock-full of hemp extract, it does not contain any THC.


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CBD Salve Extra with Tea Tree (Trompetol)

CBD Salve Extra with Tea Tree holds all the great properties of Trompetol Extra, but complemented with the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of tea tree oil. This combination makes it the most effective and versatile product in the Trompetol range - if you are looking for the ultimate natural organic salve, this is it.


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Hemp Soap

"The" leaf adorns many products, but this one goes a step further, it has the shape of a thick Cannabis leaf. This hemp soap comes from Amsterdam, the capital city of all things hemp, and contains hemp oil. Not only true hemp fans will enjoy the aroma of this care product. Weight: 35 grams


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CBD Salve (Trompetol)

Trompetol CBD Salve is a brand new highly concentrated salve produced using only the finest 100% natural ingredients. This highly effective salve is the perfect alternative or complement to traditional pharmaceutical creams. Contains a high amount of Cannabis sativa extract, but is nevertheless free from THC.


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