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Mini Bubbler with Drum Percolator (BREIT)

 4.5/5 (7)

    Utilizzato con dynavap
    Utilizzato con dynavap.

    P. S.

    Too small for good bubbles, no secondary smoke hole, tedious to clean
    While certainly usable, in my opinion the size of the water reservoir is simply too small, so either you get splashes of (dirty!) water in your mouth when inhaling much too often, or alternatively, the water level is insufficient for the smoke to be properly filtered while bubbling through it. The lack of a secondary hole also makes smoking somewhat uncomfortable, as this implies that the cup holding the weed needs to be manually removed from the bong halfway every hit to clear the remaining smoke from the bong. Finally, its peculiar shape makes it quite tedious to clean well. For a bong that smokes very well I would perhaps be willing to do all that work every time; unfortunately this one does not, so it has primarily become a decorative piece of furniture.

    S. V.

    Dab rosin
    Perfect Ford rosin enail

    M. B.

    Small but good
    I like the ease of pulling off the "weed packer" with the little handle, super good. I did not like that it was this small, the size of it should be included in its description. Also, the hole in the "weed packer" is quite big and small (still smokeable) pieces of weed get through. To improve this, a metal sheet (like in the gas bong - other product of Zamnesia) should be included so that weed does not fall into the drum percolator so easily, this is quite disappointing for someone like me who wants to use every bit of my weed and not waste it.

    B. Z.

    Klein en handig
    Klein en handig, rookt lekker en ziet er leuk uit. prima voor de prijs

    M. R.

    Fais le taf !
    mini bubbler de poche a transporter partout

    A. J.
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