What Are Bubblers And How Do They Work?
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What Are Bubblers And How Do They Work?

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Explore the beauty of the bubbler. This unique device adds smoothness to your smoke or vape, and boasts a number of other intriguing features. Here's everything you need to know about bubblers!

Bubblers are portable devices that combine the best features of a bong and a pipe. On the one hand, they offer smooth hits like a bong; yet, they are small and portable like a pipe, making them more versatile than a standard bong. There are also bubblers that you can attach to your vaporizer for even smoother hits! Let’s take a look at bubblers and their benefits.

What are bubblers?

What Are Bubblers?

A bubbler is a pipe-like device that uses water to cool the smoke or vapor, resulting in buttery smooth hits. By combining this feature with superb portability, bubblers really do offer the best of both worlds.

Just like ordinary bongs and pipes, bubblers come in various shapes and many colours. Most of them are made from glass, and some look like mini bongs whereas others look like Sherlock pipes. Although bubblers are most often used to smoke cannabis, some newer dry herb vaporizers now integrate a bubbler in their design, or come with one as an accessory. Here are some common (and not-so-common) types of bubblers:

Traditional bubblers

Traditional Bubblers

Traditional bubblers are standalone devices that you smoke like a pipe. These bubblers work more or less the same, regardless of design flourishes and other aesthetic features. The most popular—and arguably, the most easy to use—type of bubbler is the tried and true Sherlock, which is a glass bubbler in the shape of the fictional detective’s characteristic tobacco pipe.

Then there are hammer bubblers, which have a flat bottom so you can set them down on your desk without worrying about them tipping over.

You can also find double bubblers, which have two chambers rather than just one. This makes for some extra cooling, and therefore a particularly smooth smoke.

There are also bubblers that come with a chain or cord so you can wear them around your neck, which makes them both stylish and practical.

Bubblers for vaporizers

Weed Bubblers For Vaporizers

Unlike standalone bubbler pipes, bubblers for vaporizers usually come as an attachment for your portable or desktop device. Other vapes have a bubbler integrated right into the design and cannot be separated from the main body of the vape. With a bubbler attachment, you can enjoy an even smoother vape than you can achieve with a vaporizer alone!

Why use a bubbler?

Why Use A Bubbler?

There are several obvious benefits to using a bubbler, some of which were already referenced above. Chiefly, bubblers allow cannabis users the opportunity to inhale cannabinoids and terpenes in the smoothest possible way, as the water eliminates a lot of the harshness you might experience with a standard pipe or vape.

The other leading advantage of bubblers—whether a glass pipe or a vaporizer attachment—is that they are most often very portable and sturdy. Imagine lugging around a huge bong or a Volcano vaporizer in hopes of smooth hits on the go—not convenient. A bubbler, on the other hand, is easy to conceal and weighs little more than a normal pipe.

Although it’s unlikely that the water in a bubbler removes significant toxins from smoke, it certainly does reduce the threat of harsh weed particles making their way from the bowl and into your throat.

Furthermore, bubblers are simple and no fuss. Aside from attaching one to your vape and filling it with water, bubblers don’t require any additional preparation or legwork. All you have to do is sit back, toke, and enjoy.

And lastly, a lot of cannabis aficionados like bubblers for their aesthetic, as some really do look stunningly cool.

How a bubbler works

How A Weed Bubbler Works

The principle of how a bubbler works is the same as with a bong: When you take a hit, the smoke/vapor first travels from the bowl into the chamber with the water, before moving up the stem and into your mouth and lungs. This cools the smoke, which makes for smoother and cleaner hits that are less harsh on your throat. You won’t cough as much, and you can take bigger rips!

Anatomy of a bubbler

Bubblers typically have the same parts as bongs, albeit smaller. There is a bowl, a chamber, a stem, and a mouthpiece. The chamber holds the water and is usually modest in size. Some bubblers, just like some bongs, may also feature additional percolators (“percs”), which are added chambers that cool the smoke even more. Some bubblers have a carb hole that makes clearing smoke from your bubbler easier.

Disadvantages of a bubbler

Disadvantages Of A Bubbler

No question, bubblers are cool, but we won’t deny that they can also have some drawbacks. The most obvious one is that bubblers are normally made from glass, meaning they can shatter with enough force. This puts somewhat of a damper on their portability, although no more so than a normal pipe. So, if you travel with your bubbler, you’ll likely want to buy a nice protective case for it.

The second disadvantage of a bubbler is that you need to fill it with water, which increases the likelihood of spills. Moreover, this additional chamber means more to clean, and depending on where each part is located, this can be tricky to achieve without the right tools.

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Lastly, if you want a bubbler for your vaporizer, you will need to get one made to fit your specific make and model. If you own a bunch of vaporizers and wish to use a bubbler with each one, you may need to get individual bubbler attachments to suit.

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