Vape Juice (Cali Terpenes) 10ml


Cali Terpenes has done the impossible, replicating the terpene profiles of your favourite strains. Enjoy rich clouds of flavourful vapor, without getting high or inhaling nicotine.

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Flavour: Cheese € 5,63
  • Flavour: AK47 € 5,63
  • Flavour: Amnesia € 5,63
  • Flavour: Blackberry Kush € 5,63
  • Flavour: Cheese € 5,63
  • Flavour: Critical € 5,63
  • Flavour: Gelato € 5,63
  • Flavour: Girl Scout Cookies € 5,63
  • Flavour: Gorilla Glue € 5,63
  • Flavour: Holy Grail Kush € 5,63
  • Flavour: Jamaican Dream € 5,63
  • Flavour: Lavender € 5,63
  • Flavour: OG Kush € 5,63
  • Flavour: Sour Diesel € 5,63
  • Flavour: Super Lemon Haze € 5,63
  • Flavour: Tangie € 5,63
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Flavour: Amnesia € 5,63 Out of stock
Flavour: AK47 € 5,63 Out of stock
Flavour: Super Lemon Haze € 5,63 Out of stock
Flavour: Cheese € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Critical € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Gelato € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Lavender € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Tangie € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Blackberry Kush € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Gorilla Glue € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Jamaican Dream € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Sour Diesel € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: OG Kush € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Girl Scout Cookies € 5,63 In stock
Flavour: Holy Grail Kush € 5,63 Out of stock
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Cali Terpenes - Vape Juice: Mouth-Watering Flavours Without the High

Want that fresh cannabis taste wherever you go? Want no more with these special e-liquids straight from the team at Cali Terpenes. Offering an easy way to sample the flavours of your favourite strains, without any THC, CBD, or nicotine, you can enjoy this e-liquid and remain fully lucid.

Using a unique formula, Cali Terpenes managed to extract terpenes from some of the most popular cannabis strains, so the flavour is exactly how you'd expect it to be. These e-liquids were designed and formulated in collaboration with renowned cannabis specialist Dr Garcia de Palau, whose research in the field of cannabinoids has led to some exciting developments. This dedication has been harnessed in these innovative e-liquids, resulting in a high-quality and easy-to-use product.

You name the strain, and we're confident in saying that Cali Terpenes has made an e-liquid version of it. Fans of Gorilla Glue can now enjoy the classic taste while avoiding any of the couch-locking sensations. Sampling the most potent Cheese strains is as easy as loading your vaporizer with the liquid, and you're good to go.

Want to try something a little sweeter? No problem, with flavours such as Gelato and Girl Scout Cookies, you can experiment as much as you please, without the associated high. See if the flavour is to your liking, and then pursue the real deal if you so choose. However, there's no obligation, as these e-liquids taste great and will certainly keep you going.

Made with a PG/VG ratio of 90/10, propylene glycol (PG) takes on the flavour of the terpenes, whereas the vegetable glycerine (VG) contributes to bigger clouds. There's also 0% nicotine in these 10ml bottles, so you can rest assured you're only getting the quality terpene taste.

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Reviews (9)

    Sehr preiswert und wird schnell geliefert Geschmack und Geruch nicht so stark aber trotzdem nicht schlecht Sehr empfehlenswert!


    Très déçu ! NUL !!


    Ok kush
    Super, sapore persistente, molto buono


    Amnesia Haze y Gelato
    No están mal, pero tienen que mejorar mucho los e-liquids para que se acerquen a saber parecido. Esta bien para vapear durante el día, pero no tiene nada especial.


    E-Liquid Terpens OG kush, Amnesia, Girl Scout Cookies
    IMHO... _OG Kush.... Great aroma, stonger than others ... perfect combination...seems really to vape fresh weed!!!....1st place. _GS Cookies... Little bit light in flavour...2nd place. _Amnesia.... ...Meh!!!!!! If you have vaped OG or Cookies before, Amnesia has no flavours... 3rd place. On the road to perfection....a little hint of burnt/smoked/tobacco's aroma and ev fine!!!! Quite too fresh for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    gout gorilla glue
    super gout


    Saveur 'Tangie' - Profil aromatique agréable mais...
    La saveur 'Tangie' de Cali Terpenes est agréable à vapoter mais je m'attendais à davantage de terpènes de type limonène, évoquant les agrumes, ou bien des terpènes évoquant davantage la skunk, mais au final, je trouve le profil terpénique de ce e-liquide trop riche en alpha-pinène, aux senteurs de résineux... J'ai aussi essayé la saveur 'Jamaican dream' et dans un cas comme dans l'autre, je trouve que les deux profils terpéniques, bien que différenciables, ne sont pas suffisamment marqués et identifiables, en comparaison des profils terpéniques des variétés originelles sensées être reconstruits...


    Très sympa
    J'ai testé le citron. L'arome est un peu fort, mais pour les fan des agrumes je pense qu'il est parfait


    Bonnes saveurs.. forte par contre.. moi qui vapote aussi du e-liquide avec nicotine, j'ai du le mélangé pour apprécier.. Du coup, ça a duré plus longtemps..

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Vape Juice (Cali Terpenes) 10ml
Vape Juice (Cali Terpenes) 10ml
Vape Juice (Cali Terpenes) 10ml
Vape Juice (Cali Terpenes) 10ml