Joint Doctor

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The Joint Doctor is an influential, UK-based breeder who changed the history of autoflowering cannabis with the introduction of "Lowryder” at the beginning of this century. This strain was the first autoflowering cross that managed to convince a substantial number of growers of the potency and power of autoflowering hybrids.

When the Joint Doctor first put Lowryder on the market, many remained skeptical about the potential of the autoflowering strain. But after more research and experimentation, he managed to create a big buzz when he proved that it was possible to breed autoflowering strains with high THC levels and a rewarding yields. Zamnesia offers several different top-quality, potent autoflowering strains from the Joint Doctor collection, easily grown in your own space and perfect for those who don't want to wait too long!

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Chronic Ryder (Joint Doctor) feminized

This speedy autoflower takes only nine weeks to mature, but doesn’t compromise on taste, bud quality, or effect. Enjoy apricot-scented nugs drenched in a frosty coating of THC-rich resin.


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Easy Ryder (Joint Doctor) feminized

Autoflowering AK-47 and Lowryder #2 combined into one great automatic strain which is ready in 60-65 days.

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Lowryder 2 (Joint Doctor) feminized

Lowryder #2 is the successful sequel to the (original) Lowryder and became incredible popular in a very short of time thanks to her ability to start flowering automatically.


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Joint Doctor Lowryder Auto Mix (Joint Doctor) feminized

LowRyder was initially conceived for growers with limited space and was the first commercial, fully autoflowering dwarf variety and showed the cannabis community the huge potential of autoflowering hybrids. LowRyder plants are sturdy, thick and stubby and develop densely packed and very resinous buds within a short life cycle of only 8 weeks from seedling to harvest. Surprise mix of random...


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