Psycho XXL Auto MIX (BSF Seeds) feminized


Fasten your seat belt and get ready to have your mind blown with the Psycho XXL Automix by BSF Seeds! This unprecedented merging of 4 of the most-powerful, yield-enhanced autoflowering sativa varieties will blast you into the stratosphere. A top assortment of cannabis seeds for sativa lovers seeking loads upon loads of spectacular buds.

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BSF Seeds - Psycho XXL Auto MIX: 4 Top Sativas In One Package

BSF Seeds’ Psycho XXL Automix is the ideal seed collection for sativa lovers who don’t like to wait long for harvest. It contains 4 of the best sativa favourites that will blow your mind not just with their uplifting and sometimes outright psychedelic effects, but also with their great flavours and XXL yields. Each of the seeds is autoflowering and grows easy and fast, so you can harvest these top sativa strains in record time. The Psycho XXL Automix contains 3 seeds per variety for a total of 12 autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds.


The first variety in the Psycho XXL Automix is a sativa classic and all-time favourite among connoisseurs, an autoflowering and yield-enhanced version of the legendary Amnesia. Amnesia XXL Auto develops a medium-tall structure and has good natural resistance to pests and diseases. She grows massive loads of compact and heavy buds on a large central cola and several smaller side branches. Her yields are very good for an autoflower: Indoors, you can get as much as 500g/m². If you grow her outdoors in optimal conditions, you can get up to 250g/plant. She delivers her goods in about 75–90 days post-germination.

Amnesia XXL Auto delights with the classic Haze aroma, blending lemon notes with pine and hints of subtle sweetness here and there as well. Her effect is very profound, and as you’d expect from a top sativa, more cerebral than physical, very energising, and invigorating.


BSF Seeds' AK XXL Auto is the enhanced automatic version of yet another renowned sativa classic, the popular AK-47. This 60% sativa has become a staple strain among indoor growers everywhere, boasting great growing qualities and top production. With genetic roots in Afghanistan, Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico, she grows into a medium-sized plant that develops densely packed buds with very good resin production. You can expect to get 350–450g/m² indoors and up to 150g/plant outdoors. Her life cycle is a short 70 days.

AK XXL Auto’s terpene profile is excellent, emanating intense scents of citrus as she grows. For that reason, good air filtration is recommended indoors. Her taste combines refreshing citrus flavours with woody-pine notes and sweet nuances. AK XXL Auto has a fabulous, energising sativa high, which makes the strain a top daytime smoke.


Sativa classic #3 in the Psycho XXL Automix is Lemon Haze XXL Auto. This ultra-productive autoflowering variant of the legendary sativa is a cross between the famous Jack Herer and a Lemon Haze. This tall 80% sativa stands out with top yields of beautiful buds. She is not particularly difficult to cultivate, although she needs ample space to develop her root system. You will be rewarded with massive and very resinous buds with an aroma of lemon-pine. Some phenos trend toward the classic Haze aroma, making the smoke a sweet surprise. Expect to harvest 350–550g/m² indoors and up to 300g/plant outdoors. Her life cycle is a reasonable 75 days.

Lemon Haze XXL Auto is powerful and fast-hitting, and her effect will last several hours. Her energising cerebral buzz makes Lemon Haze XXL Auto a great daytime smoke that’s especially fun to share with friends.


Number 4 in the Psycho XXL Automix is the award-winning London Cheese XXL Auto. As the fusion of a Cheese Auto with a select autoflowering male, she has kept the famous Cheese aroma of the original, yet scores with top production in very little time. The 70% sativa is easy to grow and reaches a medium height. Some cultivators compare her to Skunk as she develops a large central cola with several side-branches of about the same height. For optimal results, we recommend feeding the lady generously up until flowering, where you will want to reduce nutrients gradually. In only 70 days from germination, she rewards with 350–500g/m² indoors and up to 200g/plant outdoors.

London Cheese XXL Auto’s cerebral effect is powerful and long-lasting. She fills you with creativity and inspiration, which makes her a fantastic smoke to brighten up any day. Her flavour is top-notch as well; to the iconic flavour of aged Cheese, she adds sweet and skunky notes.

Do you love speedy sativas? Get the Psycho XXL Automix by BSF Seeds and grow your favourites in record time!

Psycho XXL Auto MIX (BSF Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand BSF Seeds
Genetics Autoflowering Mix Pack
Flowering Type Autoflowering
THC 19%
Sex Feminized
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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Psycho XXL Auto MIX (BSF Seeds) feminized
Psycho XXL Auto MIX (BSF Seeds) feminized
Psycho XXL Auto MIX (BSF Seeds) feminized
Psycho XXL Auto MIX (BSF Seeds) feminized
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