Quick Critical+ (Dinafem) Feminized


Quick Critical+ is Dinafem’s latest feature, and the quickest feminized strain in their catalogue. This girl produces quality bud so amazingly fast, you can harvest in less than 50 days! But she isn’t just quick; the quality and size of her yield is worthy of her popular parents, boasting the same great aroma and effect, but a faster flowering time.

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Dinafem - Quick Critical+: Turbo-Charged Critical+

Dinafem’s latest feminized, indica-dominant strain will delight outdoor and indoor growers alike. Deriving from a cross between an elite female clone of their Critical+ and a select reversed female of Critical+ 2.0 Auto, this lady is set to break records with her insane production and very fast flowering time. She races to reward growers with outstanding bud that is as great as her Critical+ mother.

This makes Dinafem’s new and faster variant a phenomenally good strain for outdoor growers who want to beat bad weather, or those looking to secure a speedy harvest for any other reason. Indoor growers can also take advantage of her impressive stats, harvesting several crops of speedy bud per year!


Quick Critical+ grows into a medium-tall-sized plant, and despite her indica dominance (75%), looks like a sativa with longish leaves, wide internodal spacing, and stretched-out branches. This allows for quality airflow, keeping the risk of mould to a minimum. Furthermore, her sativa-like structure allows light to penetrate more regions of the plant with greater efficacy, encouraging optimal development of flowers. Unsurprisingly, Quick Critical+ will reward with really fat and heavy buds that will be oozing with sticky resin!

By combining the great yields of Critical+ with the vigour and resistance of Critical+ 2.0 Auto, Quick Critical+ is a knockout, without being a diva in the grow-op. Boasting all the appealing traits of her ancestors, but with a breezy life cycle as short as 42 days, Quick Critical+ could be your ticket to that top-quality harvest you’ve been waiting for.


Despite her turbo-charged growth, Quick Critical+ may reach an outdoor height of 2.5m, where she can yield up to a crazy 1250g/plant! Indoor growers will be happy to know that after doing the math, Dinafem determined Quick Critical+ to grow about 20% faster indoors than outdoors. Furthermore, hefty yields of 600g/m² in good indoor conditions are nothing to cry about by any means.


As you might expect, Quick Critical+ is also a top performer when it comes to the quality of her final product. Her monster-sized, very heavy buds may require stake support at the end of flowering. Once harvest comes around, the buds will emanate the skunky and lemony aromas of their ancestors.

And just like her superb trademark flavour, she delivers an equally great and very powerful physical indica effect! This makes Quick Critical+ not just an excellent strain for couchlock-lovers; with her soothing and narcotic effect, Quick Critical+ also has excellent medicinal potential for stress relief, muscle pain, and insomnia. What’s more, compared to her slower-flowering predecessor, Quick Critical+ can deliver an even more intense indica sensation!

Dinafem’s Quick Critical+ lifts the already great Critical+ to new heights. She delivers all that we have come to love about the original, but now in record time. She’s simply excellent, and definitely a “must grow” for all indica connoisseurs!

Quick Critical+ (Dinafem) Feminized data sheet
Brand Dinafem
Genetics 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Parents Critical+ x Critical+ 2.0 Auto
Flowering Time 6-7 weeks
THC 20%
CBD 0-1%
CBD:THC 1 : 160
Yield (Indoor) 550-600 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 1000+ gr/plant
Height (Outdoor) 250cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
Reviews (1)

    alle samen aufgegangen, eine jungpflanze umgeknickt und jetzt wächst sie etwas anders als die andere, seitentriebe wachsen nicht wie bei der anderen, aber schön schnellwachsende gerade 3 wochen alt

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Quick Critical+ (Dinafem) Feminized
Quick Critical+ (Dinafem) Feminized