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DinafemThere are 84 cannabis strains

Dinafem is Spanish seedbank offering the finest selection of top-quality cannabis seeds. They produce an array of feminized, autoflowering, and high-CBD strains, all of which are easy to grow at home. Dinafem has a reputation for spending a lot of time and effort in research and development, and has deservedly earned its position as one of the most well-known and appreciated seedbanks of the last decade.

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Information About Dinafem

Dinafem logo

The creation of Dinafem was a process of love and passion. Yet, it is one that took many years, as the team behind it took their time to ensure everything was done exactly right.

Before Dinafem even became a hope and dream, the breeders had spent years working together to grow and enjoy some of the most iconic cannabis strains of the time. Through their shared love and experience, they eventually came to a point where they wanted to share their expertise and passion with the world.

It wasn't a case of jumping straight into the cannabis seed market, though. In autumn of 2002, they decided to start laying the groundwork for the company they envisioned. They dedicated a full year to finding suitable growing facilities, researching the finer aspects of large-scale cannabis care, producing stable feminized seeds, and undergoing a rigorous selection process to find the perfect male and female plants to start up their seed lines.

All of their hard work came to a head in 2003, when they successfully bred their first strain, the illustrious Power Kush. It wasn’t long until they produced this strain in a feminized variety, cementing their skill as a new, up-and-coming breeder.

It was in 2005 that Dinafem became an official company, ready to open its doors to the public. They became the first Spanish seedbank to offer their own varieties of feminized seeds, eventually adding Moby Dick, Blue Widow, and Critical+ to their lineup. At the time, these strains were not well-known, but quickly established themselves as rivals to the "Dutch legends".

In the years that followed, Dinafem has worked to refine their existing strains, as well as combine them in new and interesting ways, introducing new genetics into their pool and producing many of the exciting cannabis varieties we love today.

Around the end of 2009, Dinafem's reputation had grown to the point where they could consider themselves amongst the best, holding themselves up as an international cannabis seedbank renowned for producing unique and high-quality seeds. By the end of 2010, they had introduced 10 new cannabis strains to their catalogue.

They have since continued to innovate, adding a range of autoflowering strains to their lineup, as well as well as branching out into high-CBD strain development.

Dinafem started from humble origins; a group of anonymous cultivators coming together to share a passion. That passion persists to this day, and can be seen throughout the way the entire company operates. There is a reason they have risen to such renown. They are a seedbank with the sole pleasure of growing in mind. To attest to this, Dinafem has won the Best Seed Bank award at both Spannabis Malaga 2015 and Expogrow 2013!

If you are looking for some strains of theirs to try out, we highly recommend Critical+, OG Kush, and Blue Widow!

Packaging Dinafem

Dinafem packaging

When it comes to ensuring the customer has the best experience possible, Dinafem is on it! This carries over into their packaging, which has been painstakingly optimised to ensure cannabis seeds stay safe and secure both in storage and on their way to you.

To begin with, Dinafem houses their seeds in a resealable plastic tube. First, the seeds are placed in the tube, held at the bottom in a narrow point to ensure movement is kept to a minimum. Next goes in a breathable sponge to keep the seeds padded, followed by moisture beads to ensure humidity stays at an optimal level.

This tube is then placed in a circular, metal pop-tin, further adding to the seed’s protection. It is truly grade-A packaging, and as it is re-sealable—you don’t need to plant all seeds at once!

Dinafem cannabis seeds can be purchased in quantities of 3.

Awards Dinafem

Dinafem Awards

Being one of Spain’s premier cannabis seedbanks, it probably comes as no surprise that Dinafem has won multiple awards for their tireless efforts in breeding. Here are their strains that now wear a few medals around their necks.

Award Cheese Autoflowering



• 2014 Expo Grow, 1st place for Best Solventless Extract

Bringing together an original Cheese specimen with the power of Critical+ Auto, Cheese Autoflowering retains the much-loved flavour of the original Cheese, but offers a slightly higher CBD content, altering the high to be even more relaxing. Being an auto, she will go from seed to harvest in 70 days, usually producing 40–135g/plant.

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  Cookies Kush

AwardOriginal Amnesia



• 2013 Expo Grow, 1st place for Best Sativa
• 2012 Expo Grow, 1st place for Best Sativa

As the name suggests, Original Amnesia is Dinafem’s version of an all-time classic. Regarded as one of the most legendary strains to ever grace the market, Original Amnesia offers a fresh, citrusy flavour and a skyrocketing high. She flowers over 65 days and can produce up to 600g/m² indoors. Outdoors, she can pump things to the max, yielding up to 1200g/plant!

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Original Amnesia

Award Purple Afghan Kush



2015 Expo Grow, 1st place for Best Indica
2015 Spannabis, 3rd place for Best Indoor Bio

This indica dominant hybrid is the mix of G13 x Afghan x Neville’s A5 Haze. It is a combination that gives her large yields of very powerful bud, as well as a short stature and quick flowering times. As the name suggests, her bud is sweet, fruity and tantalising, inducing deep relaxation.

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Purple Afghan Kush

Award Blue Widow



• 2013 Treat Yourself Expo, 3rd place for Best Indica

Blending the genetics of Blueberry x White Widow, Blue Widow brings sweet flavours and a deep, dank body stone to the table, which also eases the mind. She grows with an extreme and healthy vigour, making her easy for novices to grow. Blue Widow flowers over 50–55 days, offering a bounty of up to 525g/m² indoors or 1100g/plant outdoors.

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Blue Widow

Award Critical Jack



• 2010 Canarian Cannabis Cup, 3rd place for Best Overall Strain

Critical Jack combines the large yields of Critical+ with the prestige and heritage of Jack Herer. The result is a well-balanced and potent strain, offering all-round resilience, easy growth, and a pleasurable high. Expect a long-lasting cerebral high, accompanied by a woody, spicy flavour. Critical Jack flowers over 70 days, offering yields of up to 625g/m² indoors or 1200g/plant outdoors.

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Critical Jack

Award Bubba Kush



• 2015 Copa Cannabis, 1st place for Best Outdoor Strain

Bubba Kush is an indica-dominant beast derived from a Pre-98’ Bubba Kush. Just like her parent, she packs a lot of power, inducing a knock-back stoned effect. This isn’t to say she is not manageable, but she can get you where you want to go very fast! She is a vigorous plant, especially when given a warm climate to thrive in. For your time and effort, Bubba Kush can produce up to 500g/m² indoors, or up to 800g/plant outdoors after 60–65 days of flowering—pretty awesome for a strain that is mostly indica!

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Bubba Kush

Award Moby Dick



• 2009 Canarian Cannabis Cup, 3rd place for Best Overall Strain

Named after the mythical leviathan, Moby Dick lives up to the reputation of her namesake, producing some gigantic yields. A combination of White Widow and an Original Haze (two Dutch classics), Moby Dick is hailed as one of Dinafem’s most psychoactive strains. It makes her an ideal choice for cerebral high lovers. Moby Dick takes roughly 63—70 days to flower, and can produce up to 650g/m² indoors or a whopping 1500g/plant outdoors.

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Moby Dick

Award Super Silver



• 2007 Copa de la Marihuana

Who has not heard of Super Silver? Seen as a granddaddy of the Haze world, Super Silver packs a classically potent cerebral high with an unforgettable spicy taste and aroma. Expect to have your mind launched clear out of your body with this bad boy. To top it all off, Super Silver is capable of producing up to 1400g/plant outdoors, offering some very substantial yields!

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Super Silver