White Skunk Automatic (White Label) feminized


White Label’s White Skunk Automatic had been created as an excellent all-rounder strain in particular for less experienced growers. But this doesn’t mean that she won’t delight anyone else! This outstanding Skunk variety isn’t just easy to manage but makes for a very powerful smoke with a superbly relaxing indica side paired with uplifting sativa happiness. You can easily grow her everywhere.

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White Label - White Skunk Automatic: Easy & Rewarding Skunk Autoflower

Skunks have always been excellent for those who want to grow some top quality bud but with minimal growing hassles. Quick, rewarding and always-reliable cannabis seeds that grow into vigorously-growing plants make Skunks a top choice for growers of all experience levels. Yet, Skunks aren’t just easy-growing, because this alone wouldn’t be that exciting, would it? They’re also known for their good yields, their famous skunky flavour and their great high which made this line of strains a favourite of so many cannabis connoisseurs.

White Label’s White Skunk Automatic is the autoflowering version of the White Skunk, a Skunk variety that shines with all these good characteristics but with her own, distinctive qualities. Compared to other Skunks, White Skunk Automatic has tropical influences in her genetics which show in her growing traits but also in a superbly rich and complex flavour. She grows with large, oval calyxes in a rather open formation which results in more surface area for her to grow her potent resin glands. While odour production of many other Skunk strains can at times be a problem, the White Skunk Automatic produces very little odour which makes this variety in particular well suited for indoor growing.

Skunks are hardly ever difficult to grow and the White Skunk Automatic tops this with being an autoflower that makes growing her almost ridiculously easy and straight-forward. With her being an autoflower and not depending on the natural light cycles, she goes through her entire life cycle in 12 to 14 weeks. She grows well indoors or outdoors and can also take cooler climates better than other varieties. An added plus is her natural resistance to fungus which makes her grow well even in wet and humid summers. White Skunk Automatic will normally reach a height of 80-110cm which means that she’ll fit basically everywhere and won't grow out of control.

White Skunk Automatic thanks to her tropical influences has an intense, rich and complex flavour profile. Her buds have a pungent, slightly bitter-orange scent with subtle layers that remind of dark chocolate. The skunk flavour is still present but in a more subtle way, making for a whole new taste experience for cannabis aficionados and skunk lovers in particular.

The strain contains a high amount of THC but with a good portion of CBD in her smoke as well. This perfect mix makes her not only a great recreational smoke, but also one with good medicinal potential. She delivers a very powerful and long-lasting effect that is predominantly indica, with all the relaxing and warming qualities of a good indica stone, but with a delightful “happy note” that she has from her sativa parent. This makes smoking her pure joy: relaxing, happy, giggly and all of this at the same time - a perfect all-rounder smoke for any occasion!

White Skunk Automatic by White Label is a superb Skunk variety that shines with many outstanding qualities. Easy, reliable and fast, she will grow top-shelf bud for everyone including for those who never grew cannabis before!

White Skunk Automatic (White Label) feminized data sheet
Brand White Label
Parents White Skunk x ruderalis
Genetics Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Flowering Time 13-14 weeks
THC Medium
CBD Medium
Height (Indoor) Short
Height (Outdoor) 110cm
Yield (Indoor) Medium
Yield (Outdoor) Medium
Sex Feminized
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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    Wat gooeed
    Lekkere stoned gevoel en ook wel high was zeer makkelijk te kweken buiten magnifieke opbrengst als je het goed doet

    R. K.

    Rien à lui reprochée, superbe :)

    R. N.
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White Skunk Automatic (White Label) feminized
White Skunk Automatic (White Label) feminized