Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams


Wormwood most famously is the source of absinthes psychedelic power. It was used as a muse by artists and writers in the mid and late nineteenth century. Zamnesia has grown wormwood ready to go. A teaspoon in a cup for tea or soak it all to make absinthe. The choice is yours.

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Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams. Chase that green fairy.

Wormwood (Artemesia Absinthium) is a stalky perennial shrub that is a native of Europe but can be found all over the world today. It grows to a maximum of ninety centimetres and has grey-green foliage. Wormwood is a member of the daisy family and annually puts on a show of small yellowish flowers. Wormwood is a psychic stimulant and best known for its use in the creation of absinthe. A drink once banned in several countries because it was believed its consumption led to madness. Being wrongfully labelled the "queen of poisons" and "the plague".

Brewing tea is as easy as a teaspoon of wormwood in a mug followed by hot water. Do not cook but leave to steep as you would normal tea. Wormwood tea is inescapably bitter. Combining other teas like peppermint or liquorice just makes bitter peppermint or liquorice tea. This tea though is an excellent appetite stimulant and in stronger doses will give a gentle consciousness shift.

To make absinthe simply soak forty grammes of wormwood in half a litre of strong alcohol for two weeks. Pernod or Sambuca work well as their strong flavours disguise the bitterness. Strain well. Experiment thoughtfully at first. Only try a small sample. If all is well after an hour continue experimenting until green fairies appear.

50 grams

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams data sheet
Type Loose-leaf tea
Reviews (25)
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    incredible bitterness
    So I soaked the packet in a bottle of Pernod - and removed it after 3 instead of 2 weeks. The result is something so bitter even a drop of it makes the back of the tongue tingle for ages... I don't know what to do with it now. When I asked the support whether it is even safe to consume after 3 weeks I didn't get any reply - and it's been over a month now. ...

    C. R.

    New millenium bohémien
    Il contenuto del pacco l'ho versato tutto in una bottiglia di sambuca piena per due terzi,l'ho lasciata macerare per due settimane,poi filtrata con un colino da the. Ho preparato un piccolo shot facendo colare un po' di acqua fresca sopra un cucchiaino pieno di zucchero(non avevo zollette)appoggiato sopra il bicchiere. Per capirne bene gli effetti alla prima occasione ne berrò un po di più ma posso assicurarvi che già solo con uno shottino ho accusato il colpo :-) Piacevole scoperta

    A. B.

    Wenn man sich an das Rezept hält, kann man nichts falsch machen. Als Tee - naja Geschmacklich nicht meine Fall.

    H. B.

    Bonne découverte
    Merci à Zamnesia de m'avoir montré ceci c'est une bonne découverte. Oui par contre c'est très, très amer! Personnellement je n'aime pas du tout l'amertume ni pour ceci ni dans aucun aliment, j'ai donc tenté ma petite recette, rien de miraculeux mais l'infusion a été sucrée et rajoutée à du lait en poudre jusqu'à ce que ce dernier adoucisse assez pour rendre le truc buvable à mon gout, après je suis quelqu'un qui adore le lait donc ça fait sens... J'y ajouterai bien un tout petit peu d'acidité pour tenter de balancer tout ça.

    C. M.

    Aucun effet, a part le gout amer
    J'ai testé en infusion, jusqu’à 2 cuillères à café : Aucun effet. Le gout est amer 1ere et dernière commande

    J. S.


    M. T.

    parfaite en macération
    Tres bonne en macération pour faire de l'absynthe, effet bien different de l'alcool seul, bonne decouverte. (avec la bonne recette)

    L. V.

    Pleasant moments
    absantyna, light, clean, infused with tea or vaporized, makes the spaces rather pleasant .. not intrusive

    C. L.

    Herbe à rever
    Je recommande en infusion légère mais efficace

    C. B.

    ho fatto come da ricetta di zamnesia mezzo litro di sambuca poi ho messo l'intera busta di erbe ho lasciato macerare per 2 settimane e filtrato direi che e molto potente e ti lascia per ore un buon gusto in bocca

    M. T.
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Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams
Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams
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