Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams


Wormwood most famously is the source of absinthes psychedelic power. It was used as a muse by artists and writers in the mid and late nineteenth century. Zamnesia has organically grown wormwood ready to go. A teaspoon in a cup for tea or soak it all to make absinthe. The choice is yours.

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Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams. Chase that green fairy.

Wormwood (Artemesia Absinthium) is a stalky perennial shrub that is a native of Europe but can be found all over the world today. It grows to a maximum of ninety centimetres and has grey-green foliage. Wormwood is a member of the daisy family and annually puts on a show of small yellowish flowers. Wormwood is a psychic stimulant and best known for its use in the creation of absinthe. A drink once banned in several countries because it was believed its consumption led to madness. Being wrongfully labelled the "queen of poisons" and "the plague".

Brewing tea is as easy as a teaspoon of wormwood in a mug followed by hot water. Do not cook but leave to steep as you would normal tea. Wormwood tea is inescapably bitter. Combining other teas like peppermint or liquorice just makes bitter peppermint or liquorice tea. This tea though is an excellent appetite stimulant and in stronger doses will give a gentle consciousness shift.

To make absinthe simply soak forty grammes of wormwood in half a litre of strong alcohol for two weeks. Pernod or Sambuca work well as their strong flavours disguise the bitterness. Strain well. Experiment thoughtfully at first. Only try a small sample. If all is well after an hour continue experimenting until green fairies appear.

50 grams

Reviews (9)

    Very good product
    Fresh and good smell, very fast delivery from zamnesia with every product!


    Mi sono trovata benissimo con questo prodotto, usato per diverse ricette


    Livraison rapide
    Pas encore testé mais RAS, tout a l'air normalement bien.


    Idem pour eux.trops cöol.


    Bought the wrong one
    I was searching for a plant called "Armetisia" that a friend showed me, you can put in tea or something to drink, and it relax you without stoning you, i think it's the armetisia vulagaris, and not the artemsia absinthium, it turned out the armetisia absinthium is something i already know, in my mother country they use in tea instead of mint sometimes


    My own absinthe
    Well, i used to consume lots of wormwood in my younger times... that stuff was spread all over the hills of my birthplace. Years passed, and sadly urbanization get all oooover that hills, so there was no longer avaliable to harvest it by my own. So now, with my renewed knowledge (all that years of university that many times i though unworthy) i was able to make my own absinthe guided by a french recipe of 1800s.... Another outstanding move zammi! u best!


    i think it worked
    combined it with other zamnesia products but had a great night anyway


    Not sure how this will turn out currently brewing. Good delivery time


    Ottimo prodotto
    L'ho preparato con la Sambuca come detto nelle istruzioni. E' forte ma buono.

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Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams
Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) 50 grams