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The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

 4.5/5 (21)

    Un bon livre
    En Anglais mais très complet


    Informative, fun to read
    This is truly an extensive guide from spore to kitchen, for all people interested in further cultivation methods, who enjoy a good mix between informative and entertaining books. 10/10


    Must have
    Information line you‘ve never had it before. This is an absolute must have.


    Muy completo
    Un libro muy completo. Obviamente puedes cultivar sin tenerlo pero añade información muy interesante y siempre que tengas alguna duda pues ahí tienes el libro para consultar. Personalmente me encanta y es muy buen regalo también.


    excelent book
    A must have for every beginner grower. Maybe missing a chapter about identification in the wild.


    Just great to have
    Great bible, lots of inside info. Nicely written. The pictures are good it helps to make the contents complete.


    The good book of magic mushrooms
    Superinformative and pleasent to use. The nice plentiful pictures gives a good feel while reading


    Uitgebreid en duidelijk, met veel ondersteunend beeldmateriaal en nuttige tips. Ik was eigenlijk meer op zoek naar informatie over gebruik i.p.v. kweken, maar vond het boek dusdanig interessant dat ik het gehouden heb.


    Very useful!
    Full of pictures and easy to follow instructions


    Great book
    I haven't read it completely of course but I have to say there's plenty of useful ressources in it.


    At last
    At last, a really good book about a subject who is hard to find !! Thx


    A perfect guideline
    This book is a perfect guideline for growing/cultivating your own mushrooms and provides detailed instructions how to make all the necessary equipment for that purpose and also all for all the following steps. In addition, it also includes all kind of recipes and different methods for consuming the shrooms, for example as teas, shakes or chocolate balls. I thought that the book would also include a historico-cultural background which is not really the case, except a short passage in the introduction. But it quotes such a piece of work in the beginning: "Food of the Gods" by Terence McKenna. Anyway, it's definitely a very useful compendium.


    I was looking for copper, but I found diamond!


    A very good read
    A lot of information packed in this one. Ideal for someone that wants to start growing shrooms. It includes all the information you'll need.


    The author has managed a healthy combination of street smart (he advises to shut up about growing mushrooms cause no one wants to be known as the mushroom guy) with actual scolarship. And he gives you advice on a range of issues concerning and related to growing mushrooms. Enough pictures to be clear and it gives youdifferent ways to set up your growth strategy, from stealth to more currrent. Not having read it all i know i will always find needed info in this book.


    A lot if information and some funny pictures as well!


    davvero bel libro
    Completo, chiaro, direi che è quello che ognuno dovrebbe avere nella bpropria biblioteca. Sono soddisfatto dell'acquisto. Complete, clear, I would say that is what everyone should have in their library. I'm satisfied with the purchase.


    buono, accurato ma scarno
    buon libro molto accurato nel descrivere certi passaggi, ma carente di informazioni su cio che non concerne direttamente la diretta coltivazione


    holy bible
    great book , explains everything you need to know , just started reading and haven't let it go out of my hands till now!!!


    Nice book
    Nice and East book. You have al You need in this book. Live it

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