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The House of the Great Gardener is an established seed company that prides themselves with a simple but very effective philosophy: To provide seeds of strains that work!

In the decade where The House of the Great Gardener is working together with their friends from various compassion clubs they had been able to gather a selection of the best medicinal cannabis strains that are meticulously selected and bred according to the patient’s needs.

The House of the Great Gardener knows that their customers deserve only the best of the best. This is the reason that quality and control always play a big role for the expert breeders at The House of the Great Gardener. Their range of cannabis strains includes some of the most-famed and well-known cannabis strains which they’re constantly improving plus their own genetic line of top strains.

Their famous GG1 is a pure medicinal Indica ideal for those suffering from pain. The strain doesn’t just shine because of her medicinal properties but is also known for her nice smooth and smoky flavour and the fact that she is very easy to grow.

Another of their creations is their excellent Barbara Bud, a fast-flowering cross of a Shishkaberry and an Afghani. This multi-award winning strain stands out with her extreme trichome production and a superb fruity fragrance making her ideal for extracts and hash production.

The House of the Great Gardener is always experimenting with new combinations on their journey to offer some of the best seeds that you can get today!