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As the renowned European maker for first-class CBD products of the highest quality, Cibdol CBD products are made according to the strictest European manufacturing standards. Made only from the best organically grown hemp without any chemical additives, Cibdol CBD products are among the purest you can get. With Cibdol first-grade CBD oils, CBD ointments and other high-quality Cibdol CBD products, medicinal users can have 100% peace of mind that they get among the best CBD products that are available on the market today.

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CBD Oil 4% (Cibdol)

The CBD oil produced by Cibdol is an all-natural product with a Cannabidiol level of 4%. This is one of the purest and strongest manufactured CBD oils available in Europe. Obtained from organically grown industrial hemp it contains only trace amounts of THC, therefore it won't make you high and is legal in most countries around the globe.


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CBD Oil 2.5% (Cibdol)

Cibdol CBD oil is all-natural and made from organically grown industrial hemp. With a Cannabidiol level of 2.5% it is among the purest CBD oils available in Europe. Cibdol CBD oil is the perfect CBD product for medicinal users who don’t wish the psychedelic effects of cannabis. Cibdol CBD oil is entirely legal in most countries.


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CBD Oil 10% (Cibdol)

Cibdol is the reputable European maker of some of the purest CBD products that you can get today. With their range of 10% CBD oils, Cibdol now offers one of the most concentrated CBD products available today. Made from the best organically grown hemp and not containing any impurities or additives, Cibdol CBD oil doesn’t cause any psychedelic effects and is legal to use in most countries.


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CBD Hemp Seed Oil 5% (Cibdol)

CBD Hemp Seed Oil 5% is Cibdol’s mildest in their Hemp oil line. Containing 2500mg of CBD per 50ml bottle and loaded with a variety of beneficial nutrients from hemp seeds, this is the perfect supplement to support daily health and wellness. Convenient dropper bottles make this product easy to use—even when on-the-go.


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CBD Hemp Seed Oil 20% (Cibdol)

CBD Hemp Seed Oil 20% is Cibdol’s strongest in their line of CBD Hemp Seed oils. Blending 2000mg of CBD per 10ml bottle with the healthful benefits of hemp seeds, this supplement is ideal for those already familiar with the effects of CBD. A well-rounded and powerful concentrate, even in small doses!


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Soridol (Cibdol) 50ml

Featuring active ingredient colloidal oatmeal, Soridol cream is specially formulated to tackle itchy, flaky, and dry skin associated with psoriasis. Using CBD to support natural cell growth, Soridol is a Class 1 medical device.


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Zemadol (Cibdol) 50ml

Soothing atopic dermatitis (AD) or eczema, Zemadol combines CBD and a host of supportive ingredients into a robust daily cream. The inclusion of liposomes allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, while enabling a slower rate of metabolism. Those suffering from red, itchy, and inflamed skin due to eczema can now find lasting relief with this Class 1 medical device.


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Aczedol (Cibdol) 50ml

Boasting the unique ingredient colloidal oatmeal, Aczedol directly targets the itchy burning sensation experienced as a result of acne. Classified as a class 1 medical device, Aczedol utilises CBD and liposomes succinctly to benefit from restorative and antibacterial properties. Penetrating deep within the skin, acne sufferers get relief where they need it the most.


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Liposomal Vitamin C With CBD (Cibdol) 150ml

Cibdol Liposomal Vitamin C with CBD combines the natural therapeutic prowess of cannabidiol and vitamin C within protective liposomes, allowing for targeted delivery of active ingredients to the cells that need them most. This formula is convenient and easy to dose, making it a great addition to your daily CBD oil routine.


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Liposomal Multivitamin With CBD (Cibdol) 150ml

Vitamins are organic compounds vital to human health that cannot be produced by the body. CBD affects the endocannabinoid system to bring about a state of well-being, offering numerous other benefits for the body and mind. Combined into one powerful formula, Cibdol liposomal multivitamin with CBD promotes homeostasis and optimum physiological function.


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Liposomal CBD Oil 4% (Cibdol)

Liposomal CBD Oil 4% by Cibdol is the ideal CBD product for medicinal users who are looking for a fast-acting and long-lasting CBD oil with unparalleled potency. Thanks to the sophisticated liposomal formula, the CBD enters the bloodstream quicker and provides its beneficial effects longer than other CBD oil products.


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Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5% (Cibdol)

Cibdol is upping the ante with their Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5%. The unique liposomal formula allows CBD to be four times more effective than as with other oils. The already substantial effect of Cibdol’s pure hemp-derived CBD is amplified and provides for even faster and longer relief. A revolutionary CBD product unlike anything you’ll find on high street.


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Anti-Aging Cream With CBD (Cibdol)

Let your skin show you are only as old as you feel! The anti-aging cream with CBD by Cibdol provides your skin with a complete 24-hour care. Infused with CBD, shea butter and allantoin, the unique formula soothes and nourishes your skin for a healthy and youthful look.


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CBD Hand Cream (Cibdol)

Give your hands the care they deserve with the CBD Hand Cream by Cibdol. A unique combination of CBD, vitamins and other proven ingredients combats dryness and provides soothing relief to tired hands.

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