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Amsterdam GeneticsThere are 7 cannabis strains

Amsterdam Genetics is a seed brand that had been established by some of the best-qualified experts in the cannabis industry. Their experience goes back all the way to 1985, and this experience definitely shows looking at their impressive range of medicinal, feminized and regular cannabis seeds.

Among the goals of Amsterdam Genetics is to always provide the best quality of seeds that are consistent and reliable. Their seeds have some of the best grow rates on the market, and they are one of the only breeders who produce their top quality seeds in Holland.


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Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics is a Dutch seedbank renowned for producing spectacular cannabis strains, such as White Choco, AK-47, and more. Using the latest breeding techniques, they’ve built up a database of unique strains ranging from uplifting sativas to super relaxing indicas and everything in between. Find out more about Amsterdam Genetics here:

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