Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds)


Jack Herer by Sensi Seeds is an award-winning hybrid that usually comes in the form of a sativa-dominant phenotype. The top-tier genetic material contained in Jack Herer is responsible for its amazing characteristics, ensuring fast flowering and heavy yields along with an incredible smell and high-potency buds. The quality of this strain is highly valued in the cannabis community.

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Sensi Seeds – Jack Herer: a masterpiece of Dutch genetics

No special introduction is needed for this champ - very few strains have the reputation Jack Herer has. It is a celebrity among hybrids, found almost in every coffee shop and cannabis dispensary around the world. This super strain proudly and justly wears the name of one of the most influential cannabis activists in Europe - Jack Herer. It is widely accepted that it was created by crossing cream-of-the-crop hybrids Shiva Skunk (aka Skunk #1), Northern Lights and Haze. It is no surprise that the combination of these strains gave birth to a world champion. The sativa is strong in Jack Herer and it takes up 50% of its genetic material, even more in some phenotype variants. The indica influence is slightly less present.

Jack Herer, being a sativa-dominant strain, has its pertinent growing characteristics. It is a tall plant that reaches up to 300cm and excels in hot climates with long and sunny summers. Even though it needs vertical space, growers should not be discouraged from cultivating Jack Herer indoors. It can be a challenging crop for first-time growers, but with a few tips and tricks it can be fine-tuned to perfection, providing high-quality ganja every time. The upside of growing Jack Herer indoors is that it grows less bushy and wide and plants don’t compete for space, as is the case with most indica hybrids. The flowering time may vary, but it’s usually ready after 8-10 weeks and it produces massive amounts of dense, calyx swollen buds, spread along the plant branches with a monster cola in the center. These delicious looking buds are covered in sticky resin.

The amount of THC and CBD produced in Jack Herer buds is substantial. It is responsible for its supercharged potency as well as its medicinal properties, making Jack Herer a widely recognized medical strain in Dutch cannabis dispensaries. A spicy pepper note accompanied by a distinct sweetness is followed by an intense and uplifting head high, with a subtle body buzz. If you’re smoking Jack Herer for the first time, you’ll quickly learn how strong and unique its effects are.

Many growers and cannabis consumers quickly fall in love with Jack Herer. It is one of the most grown and consumed hybrids around the globe and it’s no coincidence that it has claimed 9 cannabis cups so far, with more on the way. If you have the chance, do not miss out on this one.

Brand Sensi Seeds
Genetics 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Flowering Time 50-70 days
Yield (Indoor) High
Yield (Outdoor) High
Height (Indoor) Tall
Height (Outdoor) Tall
Available as Feminized & Regular Seeds
Awards Cannabis Champions Cup
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
Reviews (3)

    ongefeminiseerde oldschool
    Ik was wel een beetje klaar met die gefeminiseerde trannie-wiet, dus wilde reguliere zaden. En dan kom je toch weer uit bij de oude rotten in het vak, Sensi seeds. Goed zaad, goede groeiers, nu het produkt nog afwachten.


    Absolut perfekt
    Perfekt smell n. Taste and looking


    One of the greatest strain of all time
    The most beautiful seeds package and the best seeds you can find in the world.

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Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds)
Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds)