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Ceres SeedsThere are 5 cannabis strains

In ancient Roman religion, Ceres was a goddess of agriculture and grain crops, so Ceres Seeds is a wisely chosen name for a cannabis seed company. The history of the founders reaches back to 1988 when they started learning the ropes with their first seeds and cuttings. In the early 1990s they worked for reputable seed companies such as Sensi Seeds and the Dreadlock Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. In the late 1990s, when new cannabis seed companies popped up everywhere, it came as a surprise for them that those companies were creating F2 varieties, they decided to take another path and bred F1 hybrids from the imported Jamaican, Thai, and Colombian Cannabis. In 1999 they made the big step and started Ceres Seeds. Their first strain made ready for the market was White Panther, it was released in 2000 and won two awards at the High Times Cannabis Cup the same year.