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DJ Short is a veteran breeder and the creator of the original Blueberry strain. This now-legendary strain placed first in the Indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000, and soon became the number one weed of choice for many connoisseurs—with some raving about it as "the most wonderful form of marijuana to date".

DJ Short has been breeding cannabis actively for nearly 40 years, and it spoils nothing to say that he is one of the most important breeders of our time. Producing some of the most unique cannabis varieties found anywhere on the globe, DJ Short seeds are not bred for maximum yields or extremely high THC levels, but for a unique and exciting sensory experience. All seeds are produced 100% naturally, using only organic products.

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Azure Haze (DJ Short) regular

DJ Short and son JD have served up a fruity number this time round in the hybrid form of Azure Haze. A cross between a Silver Haze and a 'stretch Indica' Blueberry male has produced a truly dreamy strain. In terms of Azure Haze's characteristics, growers will be pleased to hear that it's an incredibly easy plant to manage.

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Blueberry (DJ Short) regular

A natural born winner (of the Cannabis Cup in 2000 that is) Blueberry Regular by DJ Short is anything but regular. Incredibly fruity to the taste and will make your nostrils flair from it's floral scent, this Indica strain is one to savour. Blueberry from DJ Short is the ORIGINAL Blueberry!

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F13 (DJ Short) regular

The predominately Sativa hybrid F13 is a remarkable specimen from DJ Short. Stimulating in terms of its flavour, taste and effects its quality is undeniable. In terms of flowering, F13 clocks up an impressive 7-9 week flowering period depended upon whether you choose to grow your seeds indoors or in a greenhouse.

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Flo (DJ Short) regular

Quite simply a winner in every way possible, flo is the hybrid of Cannibis Cup Champions! A delightful genetic blend of Sativa and Indica (sativa dominant) come together to produce a plant that is not only potent but is capable of multiple yields - super pot or what!?

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Grape Krush (DJ Short) regular

A hybrid with more flavour than a fruit salad Grape Krush can do no wrong. Laced with fruity notes and aromas the strain is very much an all-rounder on every level. Grape Krush lives up to its fruity name through its buds, which express strong fruity odours and of course the signature sweet grape taste. Grape Krush has a flowering time of 7-9 weeks.

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True Blueberry (DJ Short) regular

True Blueberry from DJ Short blends the best of both weed worlds - Indica and Sativa making for a sensationally sweet experience from start to finish. Rich in resin, buds of beauty and smoothness of smoke make this fruity number a 'high' one. True Blueberry has a flowering time of 8 weeks.

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Vanilluna (DJ Short) regular

Complex in terms of its wondrous flavours and yet to grow, Vanilluna (aka Vanilla Moon) is a hybrid that will fly you to the moon and let you play among the stars. Vanilluna has a total flowering time of 8 weeks. From a medicinal standpoint, Vanilla Moon provides a calming and relaxing effect.

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