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Alphakronik GenesThere are 2 cannabis strains

Alphakronik Genes Seeds is a good starting point if you are looking for medicinal cannabis seeds. Whether you are looking for a THC bomb or a CBD-rich strain, these guys won't let you down. To instance only two of their exceptional strains, Gobbstopper with its mind-bogglingly high THC level of 26% will blow your mind and their medically highly valuable Stephan Hawking Kush boasts about a CBD:THC ratio of 5:1! With heaping amounts of love, time and dedication they grow all their creations the natural way, using only organic or organic-based nutrients to ensure for quality genetics. With their rare and potent parental genetics they sire cannabis strains with utterly unique flavors and unparalleled potency for all medical purposes. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.