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Strain HuntersThere are 10 cannabis strains

Arjan, Franco and Simon, the Strain Hunters, launched their Seed Bank in 2013 and strive to offer the best land races. They travel the world on their quest to find cannabis land races in order to preserve and share them with growers and breeders all over the world and they even made documentaries showing the value of cannabis and its influence on people in many different contexts, but their main goal is to preserve and to protect genuine land races for future generations. The Strain Hunters have bred multiple award-winning varieties harnessing original inbred land race material and they know this plant has the power to change the world for the better.


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Strain Hunters are a seed bank dedicated to hunting down rare and exotic landrace cannabis strains from across the globe, preserving them, and then refining them into highly-prized feminized, hybrid, and autoflowering varieties. Not only do Strain Hunters explore the wilderness of the world to find new and exciting genetics, they also document their travels to help spread knowledge about cannabis and dispel the stigma surrounding it.

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