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Reggae SeedsThere are 11 cannabis strains

Reggae Seeds is a project that started in 2006, after years of searching, selecting and creating the most valuable genetics from varieties they obtained from their many friends around the world. Most of the Reggae Seeds strains have a high CBD level and are highly valuable for medicinal purposes. A good example is their Juanita la Lagrimosa which is also constantly tested very high on CBD. All their regular varieties are perfectly tailored for indoor cultivation, but since all their kids are poly-hybrids, they can't brag about stability. But they learned to recognize mothers and fathers and by diligently selecting among those, they had a lot of success, giving the most potent male specimen a chance to reproduce and hence broaden the genetic diversity, while keeping the worthwhile mothers. Following public demand they decided to add feminized seeds to their range of great cannabis strains. Reggae Seeds does not use genetic manipulations to create their green medicine. Their motto: "GROW YOUR OWN MEDICINE!"