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Reggae Seeds is a project that started back in 2006, after years of searching, selecting, and creating the most valuable genetics they could obtain from their around the world. Most of the Reggae Seeds strains have a high CBD level and are highly valuable for therapeutic purposes. A good example is their Juanita la Lagrimosa, which is used as a base for many modern CBD strains today.

All their regular varieties are perfectly tailored for indoor cultivation, but are poly-hybrids. Through their experience, they have learned to recognise mothers and fathers of quality, and by diligently selecting among those. They have had a lot of success, giving the most potent male specimen a chance to reproduce and broaden the genetic diversity, while keeping the worthwhile mothers.

Following public demand, they decided to add feminized seeds to their range of great cannabis strains. It means growers of all skills and needs can get the most out of Reggae Seeds!

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Juanita La Lagrimosa (Reggae Seeds) feminized

The feminized Juanita La Lagrimosa (Tearful Jane) by Reggae Seeds is a Sativa dominant plant with a lemony Haze aroma and a fruity flavor. Crossing a Reina Madre (Queen Mother) with Diesel created a variety with an incredible CBD level of 8.8% and only 6.7% THC, but this is a medical strain and is not intended for getting stoned, but high, REALLY high and clear headed.

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Session (Reggae Seeds) regular

The regular Session by Reggae Seeds is the offspring of crossing Kalijah, a highly potent male plant known to produce CBD-rich kids, and the more than famous, legendary Diesel. Two attributes of Session deserve the term "spectacular" - the yield and aroma. Send her into the flowering time after only 2 weeks of vegetative growth to limit her size. Clear Sativa high, delivered with exotic...

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Dancehall (Reggae Seeds) regular

Crank it up. The regular Dancehall by Reggae Seeds is a fast-paced Sativa with a special beat. Juanita La Lagrimosa and Kalijah met on the dance-floor and here we have the result of the after-show party, a strain with a speedy flowering time of only 60-70 days and medium to high yields. Outdoors she can show a nice change of color to purple when the temperatures fall below 20°C. Social...

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Guayaka (Reggae Seeds) regular

Guayaka is a true delight to grow. It is a compact plant with controllable stretching, which makes it perfect for any indoor environment. This hybrid smoke has an energizing effect, paired with a unique flavour profile that is sweet and tart, all at once. What gives Guayaka its extra appeal is its high CDB content.

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Respect (Reggae Seeds) regular

The regular Respect by Reggae Seeds is the outcome of years of experimenting with a male Cannalope Haze - and finally they found the perfect match for their potent cannabis stallion, Juanita La Lagrimosa. This high yielding strain requires 55-65 days to produce its amazing buds with a plethora of aromas, fruits, lemony, Haze, candy, armpit, wood and even metal - RESPECT!

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