Assorted Auto (Buddha Seeds) feminized


Get 4 autoflowering seeds from Buddha Seeds + 6 extra 'mystery' cannabis seeds in 1 package!

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Buddha Seeds - Assorted Auto: 10 autoflowering seeds from various strains in 1 pack.

In this 'Assorted Auto' mix from Buddha Seeds you will find one seed from each of these strains:

White Dwarf: White Dwarf from Buddha Seeds is the result of crossing 2 strong cannabis indica's and a hint of ruderalis to make White Dwarf an autoflowering marijuana variety.

Red Dwarf: Another great autoflowering cannabis strain from Buddha Seeds: Red Dwarf. Red Dwarf produces smelly, strong and solid marijuana in only 2 months. From seed to harvest!

Deimos: Deimos is an autoflowering cannabis strain with Northern Lights genetics in her line up. Deimos has been inbred for 7 generations to make her fully autoflowering. Great strain from Buddha Seeds.

Syrup: Syrup from Buddha Seeds is an autoflowering cannabis seed that produces sweet buds in only 60 days. From seed to harvest!

As extra you will receive 6 seeds from different 'Buddha Seeds' strains that will be in the market in the future or experimental hybrids. 

The seeds are introduced in a single strip without strain identification; the genetics residing in the seed are a complete mystery! If you like surprises and excellent value for money, this mix pack will not disappoint.

The seeds from this awesome Assorted Auto mix are all 100% feminized and autoflowering. The total growing time after seeding vary between 50-55 days until 80-85 days. Perfect for the impatient, beginning grower, as well as for the more experienced growers.

Assorted Auto (Buddha Seeds) feminized data sheet
Brand Buddha Seeds
Genetics Autoflowering Mix Pack
Available as Feminized seeds
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminized
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
Reviews (40)

    Keine Qeene Produkte mehr
    Wieder einmal habe ich dieses set gekauft und genau so angepflanzt wie beschrieben. Zum wiederhiltenmal sind von 10 Stunde. nur 4 gesprossen und auch die sind nach 3 Wochen nicht gewachsen. Ich rate jedem ab diese Produkte zu kaufen.


    Buoni prodotti e precisi nei tempi complimenti avanti cosi


    nul ..vieilles graines ? : belle arnaque
    4 sur 10 ont reussi à germer en 10 jours ... puis 3 ont reussi à démarrer, toutes avec des premières feuilles difformes.. reste une qui sera rabougrie minable... Ca fait 35 euros la graine de merde Quel gâchis....


    Etwas verwirrt da es 10 unterschiedliche sind und die 4 dort beschriebenen dabei getrennt sind


    Terrible genetics.
    Planted 7 out of ten so far under excellent condition and only 1 has germinated. The one that germinated grew weakly and isn’t healthy. My other power plant auto germinated straight away and is growing so healthy and beautifully in the same conditions. these just seem to good to be true and are a waste of money. Very disappointed with the results of this assorted mix and wasted the money and time trying to produce something even worth growing. Back to square one. Wonder if I can get a refund ?


    buddha seeds zaden
    8/10 smal weak /swak cheaper is mistake pay for your seeds.hope im wrong . Zwak zaad


    Netter Überraschungsmix. Macht Spass...


    Positiv überrascht!
    Nach der Ernte von fünf der Pflanzen (Keimrate 5/5), kann ich jetzt meine Rezension dazu schreiben. Die Pflanzen entwickelten sich gedeihlich. Allesamt reagierten positiv auf LowStressTraining (LST), wuchsen beachtlich und entwickelten schöne Knospen. Jede Pflanze war unterschiedlich in Form, Wuchs und Duft - klar. Es war sehr spannend die Entwicklung zu beobachten und abzuwarten, was bei rauskommt. Da die Sorten leider unbekannt sind, bekamen die Pflänzchen bei mir im Laufe der Zeit verschiedene Namen (z.b. Lila-Laune-Fee, Würziger Willi oder Klebriger Klaus).


    So far it’s been fun
    Bought this multi/mystery pack of 10, as my first ever to try and grow. They dat in a drawer for ages, while I got some kit together, and developed a 3 bag soil supermix, and base. 1st seed I cut with a Stanley knife, that’s how raw I am. Planted 2, and Brian sprouted on day 2. The second germinating pot got sort of ignored after that, it didn’t sprout, but was probably due to my in attention. From first sprout to harvest, has taken 1 day short of 11 weeks, but I did a lot of LST, and shortened days after flowering “I know that’s not required” but I wanted Brian to rest more, and hopefully deliver more. My only issue is, I have no idea what strain I’ve grown, only that it’s super healthy, super sweet smelly, super sticky. I’ll also have no idea what Brian tastes like, until the drying and curing are over. Best lockdown hobby I could have picked. Think I’ll be keeping the rest of seeds as a backup to known varieties, so I have better clue where I’m at. Will be happy to order more seeds here, delivery was very quick and discreet.


    Un peu de tout
    Germination 10/10(je crois car j'en ai offerte 2 ou 3) . Il y en a qui ont jamais levé mais j'ai peut être fait quelques erreurs (ou test!!) Une que j arrose uniquement avec une dilution de carottes et betterave me fais des têtes rouges super sombre et sens super bon . Encore un peu de patience avant la récolte . C est un régal a voir et sentir tout les jours . Dans l ensemble bel assortiment. Dommage que l on ne sache pas quelle graine est quoi . Même pour les expérimentations.

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Assorted Auto (Buddha Seeds) feminized
Assorted Auto (Buddha Seeds) feminized