Steamroller Glass Pipe (Royal Queen Seeds)


This steamroller pipe by Royal Queen Seeds might look like a streamlined version of a classic bowl, but it has one important difference that will take your next smoke session to a much higher level. The carb isn't on the side; it's at the end. With unrestricted airflow and direct lung hits, your high is only limited by your lung capacity.

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Steamroller Glass Pipe - Clean, Unaltered Flavour

When it comes to maximising weed's flavour, there's no substitute for clean, high-quality glass. That's exactly what the main body of the Royal Queen Seeds Steamroller Glass Pipe is made of. The black plastic beneath the bowl isn't just a convenient spot to show the classic RQS logo, it’s there to reinforce the design and protect the glass from breakage.

The smoke touches nothing but crystal-clear glass. You'll breathe in nothing but silky-smooth smoke that tastes just like nature intended, with no metallic or woody taint.


Built not only for experienced smokers, the Steamroller Glass Pipe features a simple design that's surprisingly effective for those searching for stronger highs. The extra-large bowl holds a substantial amount of weed, especially when it's packed by a practised hand. That means you won't have to stop after just a few hits to reload, so there will be no stall if you're building up to an epic buzz.

Watch as the smoke flows into the clear stem and you'll get a good idea of the pipe's throughput. The stem is nice and fat, allowing a generous draw. After you pack the bowl with your most flavoursome herb, put your finger over the end to seal the carb. Light the bowl and inhale gently until the glass fills with smoke. When you're ready, take your finger off the carb and inhale again. With no curves, spirals, or other fancy obstructions, the direct hit will fill your lungs with as much THC-filled goodness as they can take.

The Royal Queen Seeds Steamroller Glass Pipe comes in classic black and clear with the RQS signature logo embossed on the underside of the bowl to show its authenticity.

Pipe Material Glass
Pipe Size 0-9cm
Reviews (2)

    Pas du tout d'appel d'air comme indiqué dans la description, les joints sont en plastique!! Genial avec une fraise a 800 degrés a moins d'un centimètre. Franchement vous prenez les gens pour des imbéciles

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Steamroller Glass Pipe (Royal Queen Seeds)
Steamroller Glass Pipe (Royal Queen Seeds)
Steamroller Glass Pipe (Royal Queen Seeds)
Steamroller Glass Pipe (Royal Queen Seeds)