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Science is just now starting to understand that terpenes are also playing a role when it comes to the effect of cannabinoids. By adding the terpenes of your favourite cannabis strains, you can enhance the effect of your oils, concentrates and resins as well! 

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Strain: Gorilla Glue€ 24.00
  • Strain: Cheese € 24.00
  • Strain: Critical € 24.00
  • Strain: Furious Candy € 24.00
  • Strain: Gorilla Glue € 24.00
  • Strain: Jamaican Dream € 24.00
  • Strain: OG Kush € 24.00
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Strain: Gorilla Glue € 24.00 In stock
Strain: Furious Candy € 24.00 In stock
Strain: Jamaican Dream € 24.00 In stock
Strain: OG Kush € 24.00 In stock
Strain: Critical € 24.00 In stock
Strain: Cheese € 24.00 In stock
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Cali Terpenes: Pure Terpenes For Enhanced Flavour and Effect

Terpenes are the organic compounds that are responsible for the distinct flavour profiles of cannabis. Scents and aromas like minty, floral or wood aromas are coming from the unique combination of cannabis terpenes that can differ with each strain.

Only since recent times, cannabis research is beginning to understand that terpenes are not just responsible for the flavour and scents of cannabis but that they are also influencing the effects of THC and CBD, the active compounds in cannabis responsible for the high. It is now believed that terpenes play a big role when it comes to the potency and distinct effects of cannabis strains, in addition to making for a plethora of flavour profiles.

Cali Terpenes are pure terpenes, extracted from legally grown plants without harmful chemicals and they don’t contain any THC or CBD.


To enhance the flavour and effect of your mix, simply add the Cali Cannabis Terpenes to your concentrates or e-liquids. Because Cali Terpenes are very concentrated it is recommended that you do not exceed more than 4% of terpenes for your mixture. One drop of terpenes per gram of resin or BHO is all that you need.

Contains 1ml of Terpenes


  • 100% terpenes, extracted without solvents
  • Does not contain Propilenglicol, Etilenglicol or Glycerin
  • Does not contain cannabinoids
  • Certified Kosher and Halal, food quality
  • Do not use more than 4% terpenes for your solution
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Always dilute and do not use pure
  • Store in a cool, dry place

NOTE: This product contains no THC.

Reviews (13)

    nice 10/10
    very strong so only use a little bit but its the best i have had :) thank you zamnesia your the best 10/10


    Jamaican dream
    Nothing is said on the selling quantity, I receive only 2ml in a glaces flask of 6ml. Really expensive for a taste no so good in a vap. Bad product, don't buy it !!!!!!!


    bon produit gout puissant
    j'ai pris OG KUSH vraiment le gout et très puissant , il faut aller doucement pour le dosages goutte a goutte . juste une critique j'ai l'impression que le produit se mélange mal avec les liquide,mais sa reste un bon produit merci .


    Jamaican Dream
    I like the sweet citrus taste . Used it for 'Moonrock' and 'Qwiso' or a bud wit low terpenes.


    Gorilla Glue tastes like conifer resin
    Nothing against tree resin but this is not a Cannabis terpene profile ! It sais pinene is at 6th and 7th position but it barely tastes of something else. I never tested Gorilla Glue but this isn't Cannabis, this is a pine. For this price that is a bit disenchanting


    Gorilla Glue (GG4) !?
    maybe the Spanish version.... (critical)


    Geweldig product
    Had 3verschillende gekocht .og kush. Furious candy en jamaica dream . Een druppeltje op de bho en roken de volcano vaporizer en in een dab pijp.grandioos spul ..jamaica dream is echt een aanrader


    Wonderful taste and smell
    Perfect for.vaping


    tussen hamer en aambeeld
    Het is wel een lekker en geeft een extra flavour aan extracties, maar jammer genoeg worden de flesjes niet verzegeld en erger nog, wordt het product 'eyeballing' in de flesjes gedaan. Het ene cheese en het andere gorilla, en in het gorilla flesje kon het pipetje zelfs het product niet opzuigen; zo weinig zat erin. dus los van het feit dat het wel lekker is om bij puur extract te doen, zal het wachten zijn tot die mensen daar in Spanje enig idee hebben van professionaliteit en geen dealer mentaliteit eer ik dit nog eens koop. Jammer want dit ligt niet aan Zamnesia!!!!!!!!!!


    Mega nice
    Hammer der Geschmack einfach nur himmlisch und einfach nir zu empfehlen leider nur etwas wenig wer cool wenn etwas mehr als 1ml drin wehre oder man einfach mehr kaufen kann zb 3ml ansonsten Top Produkt so eben mochcdiw anderen Sorten bestellt ^^

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Cali Terpenes
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