Purple Haze 1 (Positronics) feminized


Purple Haze by Positronics is a strain bathed in history that will induce psychedelic highs. A stunning sight to behold in your garden, this great strain will produce you a quality end product that will never disappoint.Purple Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid and gives off distinctive spicy, cinnamon and incense aromas with earthy undertones.

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Positronics - Purple Haze 1

Purple Haze by Positronics has a rich history, it is made famous due to Jimi Hendrix's famous song of the same name. This resulted it in being the most smoked strain at Woodstock and a favorite around the world. Since its original emergence in the 70's Positronics have been working diligently to improve the genetic makeup of Purple Haze for better growth, yields and a more refined high. As with most Positronics strains, Purple Haze has a secretive background. It is rumored to be the genetic cross of a Thai-Colombian Haze and an early Dutch Skunk. It has been relaunched 40 years on and still holds true to the great qualities that can be remembered from the original strain of the Woodstock era.

Purple Haze has iconic tastes and aromas. This sativa dominant hybrid gives off distinctive spicy, cinnamon and incense aromas with earthy undertones. The smoke has that sweet-sour, grape candy taste that Purple Haze is so famous for, with spicy incense on the exhale.

Purple Haze by Positronics will induce a strong psychedelic head rush that will fully open the taps of your creativity. It comes on strong and the novice smoker should be prepared for powerful initial highs. It mellows out into a comfortable, introspective wooly after effect. It is great for contemplation and focused thought. This hybrid has great medicinal properties, it is great for treating and controlling pain, stress and depression; it will make all your troubles float away.

This is a classic and is sure to become an all time favorite of sativa lovers, those who like to share with friends and those wanting to experience a bit of history first hand.

The plant itself is a ferocious grower with thick branches, bright green green and vivid purple leaves coated in a layer of orange-brown hairs; it is truly a sight to behold and will certainly stand out in your garden. The spread out branches of this strain allow for optimal bud growth and the thick, fat buds will change color from blue to a stunning violet as they mature adding to this plants beauty.

Purple Haze by Positronics is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. Plant height varies between 1.2-1.5m and flowering time is roughly 70 days for optimal yields. It has an average mold resistance and you can expect a yield of roughly 400g m/2 for your time and effort. It has a THC content of 22%, it is a strong one!

Brand Positronics Seeds
Genetics Sativa-dominant
Parents Purple Thai x Haze
Flowering Time 70 days
THC 22%
CBD 0.2%
CBD:THC 1 : 110
Yield (Indoor) 400 g/m2
Yield (Outdoor) 350 g/plant
Available as Feminized seeds
Reviews (3)

    Deze plant heeft tijdens de bloei heerlijke geuren als men er tegen aan komt. Passiebloem, citrus geuren, sinaasappel, ananas, echt lekker geurend. De opbrengst van 350 gram per plant is een beetje overdreven. Mijn beste plant bracht ongeveer 40 gram op! Misschien is de 350 gr. Gebaseerd op de juiste fenotype, de absoluut beste omstandigheden, zoals temperatuur, juiste lichtinval, skill van de kweker, juiste luchtvochtigheid, juiste hoeveelheid co2 etc. Voor mij was deze plant wat betreft opbrengst echt slecht! Hele slechte prijs kwaliteit verhouding. Maar purple haze heeft de meest heerlijke geuren die je je maar kunt voorstellen van een klasse wiet. This plant, when flowering, has this amazing scent, like passion flower, strong hints of pineapple, citrus and even oranges. Purple haze has really nice smells...hmmm love it! The stated return or better the stated harvest of 350 grams is an overstatement. My best plant produced like 40 grams of nicely scented weed. Maybe the 350 grams is to be accomplished using the proper phenotype in combination with the right amount of sunlight, a high skilled grower, the right constant temperature, maybe even an adjusted moisture level, well let’s say the best ever micro climate. And I did use LST and pinching to make more branches. According to me this plant is not a heavy weed bearer, but has a great scent!


    Simplemente sabor puro haze
    De las mejores haze que he fumado y cultivado, no os arrepentiréis de vuestra compra con estas semillas


    no problems
    Etienne A. said the seeds are bad and dont germinate. Bullshit! I had no problems, all germinated and they are developing well. He just has no skill or whatever. Very frosty and tasty looking buds.

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Purple Haze 1 (Positronics) feminized
Purple Haze 1 (Positronics) feminized