Cum Laude (Positronics) feminized

Give Don Antonio Eschotado’s “jewel in the crown” a try. Positronics mixed Reina Madre, Tijuana, and Original Haze to breed this gorgeous pure sativa. Cum Laude’s seeds will grow beautifully tall, flaunting its hairy, THC-packed buds that will bloom in numbers. If you want a chance to grow a strain of unique, amazingly potent cannabis, pick yourself up a couple of these feminised seeds.

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Positronics - Cum Laude: A plant to show off with

A flowering Cum Laude cannabis plant is a thing to show off. Bright, crystal-covered orange hairs twist across its deep, emerald buds, and its giant, heavy colas can get so bud-filled and THC-saturated that the weight brings the need for a support system – a “problem” we’re happy to have. Vegetating, the marijuana gives off a lavender-esque smell reminiscent of black liquorice; flowering, its aroma intensifies as it matures, becoming distinct and spicy, and the harvested buds have an earthy taste to match. Cum Laude buds impress with their sheer THC content, often reaching upwards of 20 %, yet still offer a round 0.2 % CBD, ensuring its place as an intense psychoactive and effective medicinal strain. But whether you’re looking to melt off a hard day’s worth of stress and anxiety or you’re seeking a strain that will unlock the hidden creativity in the depths of your mind, a bowl or joint of some Cum Laude will never let you down.

If you’re into cultivating sativas and already have a spacious grow area established, this cannabis strain could be just for you. Cum Laude likes to grow tall towards the sun and stretch its arms out, filling them up nicely with buds. Indoor cannabis-lovers, don’t fret; starting the plant from the ground up on a 12/12 photoperiod and regularly pruning/bending its stems will keep Cum Laude’s height under control. Still, watch out for fairly large spacing between nodes. The plant loves to be nurtured with adequate air ventilation and fertilisers rich in nitrogen, and it’ll thank you by saying mould-free and not yellowing too early. Make your plant happier by gently supporting its large, heavy colas, and your work will pay off when bud after bud flowers. When all’s done, expect to be smoking out of a sublime cannabis yield of around 350 grams per seed.

With sufficient care and attention to its height and progression, Cum Laude’s growth will live up to its name, which, translated from Latin, means “with honour.” It’s no doubt an interesting and unique strain, with a classy sativa flair that can really bring on some deep psychoactive effects. Very potent and very cerebral, the strain is always praised by sativa smokers for its rich, earthy taste and distinctive, notably “different” sativa buzz. It’s hard-hitting enough to satisfy even Mr. Antonio Eschotado; cannabis newbies trying out Cum Laude will be in for a surprise.

Brand Positronics Seeds
Genetics Sativa-dominant
Parents (Reina Madre x Tijuana) x Original Haze
Flowering Time 75-80 days
THC High
Available as Feminized seeds
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Cum Laude (Positronics) feminized
Cum Laude (Positronics) feminized