Critical 47 Express (Positronics) feminized

Posotronics took the amazing aroma of Critical #47 and the soaring high of Lowryder II and packed them both into the feminized, autoflowering seeds of Critical Express. Plant some of these cannabis seeds and prepare to harvest a delicate, intensely stoning strain crowned as the ultimate autoflowering successor to Critical #47.

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Positronics - Critical Express: The ultimate autoflowering successor to Critical #47

Critical #47 caused a stir with its delightfully strong peach, mango, and lightly vanilla-hinted flavor, and cannabis smokers only loved it more once they discovered the meditative high its AK-47 and Critical Skunk genetics mix up. By crossing the all-time favorite strain with the indica-heavy Lowryder II, Positronics allotted the perfect amount of Ruderalis genes to get the feminised seeds autoflowering, while still having it pack up to 15 % THC content. Critical Express smokes oh-so smoothly, and its calming yet quietly euphoric high melts the weight of any cannabis smoker’s stress right off their shoulders. Another cannabis strain from Positronics with a diverse genetic background, Critical Express takes pieces and bits of its phenotype from cannabis from Brazil, Central America, and the Caribbeans, and its overall indica-heavy stone with good CBD influence (0.2 %) makes it the ideal “stop, relax, just enjoy the fresh air” kind of autoflowering strain.

Cannabis cultivators growing both indoors and out will want to get their hands on some of these feminised, autoflowering seeds (though for indoor growers, it’s a must have). Critical Express’ indica background allows it to grow short and stout, averaging less than a meter and growing up to 1.2, so the plant takes up little space while still granting yields of up to 100 grams, when taken care of properly. Given a good 20+ hours of light, Critical Express’ roots will grow deep; make sure they have room! The strain vegetates relatively fast, and because of its wonderfully speedy autoflowering genes from Lowryder II, in just around 9 weeks you’ll have a full, fruity Critical Express plant with conveniently short internodal distance and handsome, hefty buds soon to be covered in bright orange hairs. Indoor growers, expect average ventilation requirements to help keep mold off your cannabis. Outdoor growers, you’ll want to harvest around mid-October. All experienced growers, consider taking advantage of Critical Express’ branchiness to produce perfected clones.

Critical Express’ relatively short size and small inter-nodal distance make it a Godsend for indoor cannabis cultivators with cramped grow areas. Its heavenly sweet and fruity flavor make it an irresistible treat to cannabis smokers new and old. Its rapid flowering time and soothing stone make it a choice strain for cultivators who grow their own smoking supply. After taking a good look at Critical Express, we can confidently say it lives up to its name as the ultimate autoflowering Critical #47 successor. We think you’ll like how it turns out.

Brand Positronics Seeds
Genetics Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Parents Critical Mass x Lowryder 2
Flowering Time 65-68 days from seed to harvest
THC 12-15%
CBD 0.2%
CBD:THC 1 : 60
Yield (Indoor) 40-100 g/m2
Yield (Outdoor) 40-100 g/plant
Height (Indoor) Short
Height (Outdoor) Short
Available as Feminized seeds
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Critical 47 Express (Positronics) feminized
Critical 47 Express (Positronics) feminized