Claustrum (Positronics) feminized

Medically defined, the claustrum is “a thin, irregular sheet of neurons” responsible for orchestrating the interactions between the left and right brain, creating “the seamless quality of conscious experience.” Unhinge the natural barriers of your consciousness and delve into its depths with a batch of Positronics’ near-perfect Claustrum sativa strain, all feminized and ready to germinate.

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Positronics - Claustrum: Impresses even the heaviest smokers

The Claustrum project came to realization through a careful process of breeding genes from some of the finest Cannabis sativa seeds out there. Positronics first bred Kali Mist with Super Silver Haze, producing a variety of different, relatively unpredictable offspring seeds with some surprisingly great gene mixes. The grow team smartly chose to stabilize these offspring with a cross of Jack Herer, and thus Claustrum was born, bringing to the cannabis culture one of the finest, most psychedelic sativa strains that has graced its existence. Claustrum impresses even the heaviest of smokers with its sheer numbers, boasting its 21 % average THC content, which is fully unleashed in the strain without interference from its tiny 0.1 % CBD content. But Claustrum impresses with its elegant buds and distinct aroma, as well. Its piney sativa smell with touches of eucalyptus has been described as “the aura of incense, reminiscent of a medieval cathedral,” and its taste intensifies and lingers, picking up a classic Haze aroma, as the herb burns. Truly, if you’re a sativa-enthusiast, and you haven’t had the chance to smoke a joint of Claustrum, get yourself some seeds and grow a plant now! Claustrum’s sativa-dominant high is mind-blowing, sending the smoker into a clear, cerebral, intensely psychedelic stone that can reach deeply meditative levels. Whether you just love the energizing rush that a refreshing sativa strain can bring or you’re planning to expand your mind and explore your inner self, Claustrum is an absolute star among super-potent Cannabis sativa strains.

A new Claustrum grower will want to wait patiently about 80 days for their plant to flower completely; but the yield is well worth the wait. Claustrum will shoot up fast and grow high, its colas reaching up to 5 metres off the ground, and though its sativa-dominant phenotype gives a large space between nodes, Claustrum still generates a full yield of around 600 grams per plant. The strain gobbles up nutrients to keep up the energy to do so, and in turn it also swallows quite a bit of light; an individual Claustrum plant can photosynthesize about 600 W of energy. Fluffy, sticky buds twisting with THC-laden hairs grow abundantly on Claustrum’s chandelier-like stem structure, which is clear of annoying clumps of leaves, leaving the strain well-ventilated, well-lit, and highly resistant to mould and fungi. Grown well, Claustrum develops small horns on its buds characteristic of sativa-heavy cannabis, and if its harvest is timed well (recommended outdoor harvest period is between Nov 1 and Nov 5), its THC to CBD ratio will be just right, bringing that invigorating, nearly hallucinogenic high that makes Claustrum a simply unforgettable seed.

Countless amateur breeders tire of crossing strain after strain of pure and mixed sativas, striving to discover a super-potent strain with a perfect THC to CBD ratio. Numerous hybrids from numerous companies have made it “half-way” to their perfect sativa, finding good results in mixes sticking to classics like Jack Herer and the Hazes. But for the most part, none of these hybrids hold a light to Claustrum. Its feminized seeds yield huge indoors and out, its sticky buds are as potent as you could ask for, and its psychedelic high is simply sublime. Try it out for yourself: You may just find yourself wandering through the halls of a medieval, incense-burning cathedral.

Brand Positronics Seeds
Genetics Sativa-dominant
Parents Kali Mist x Super Silver Haze x Jack Herer
Flowering Time 80 days
THC 21%
CBD 0.1%
CBD:THC 1 : 210
Yield (Indoor) 500 g/m2
Yield (Outdoor) 600 g/plant
Available as Feminized seeds
*Specified by breeder when grown under ideal circumstances
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Claustrum (Positronics) feminized
Claustrum (Positronics) feminized