San Pedro Crested (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata)


Another Zamnesia first: The Crested San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata)! This unique variation of the San Pedro cactus doesn’t just have one growth-point like the ordinary San Pedro but many. Each of these grow-points can grow at their own pace which makes the Crested San Pedro develop into very cool shapes.

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Crested San Pedro Cactus: Unique and Rare San Pedro Variant

We at Zamnesia are proud being able to offer this very interesting and cool variant of the San Pedro cactus, the Crested San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata). What makes the Crested San Pedro unique is that is has a number of “growth points” all over it, unlike the original San Pedro which grows from only one point into the typical “organ pipe” shape.

With each of these growing points at times growing at different paces, the Crested San Pedro makes an outright spectacular cactus specimen that can grow into the coolest shapes depending on the cutting.

The cuttings of the Crested San Pedro that we offer have a size of 10-11cm and you can pot them in the same way as its phallic-shaped nephew. Watching the cuttings grow and then seeing in what shapes they will develop makes cactus growing now even more exciting and fun with the Crested San Pedro exclusively here at the Zamnesia web shop !


Like the ordinary Echinopsis pachanoi version, the Crested San Pedro is quite easy to grow and can even tolerate a colder environment as long as temperatures won’t drop below 12°C . Just make sure to use a fertile and well-draining potting mix. When you water the San Pedro, start out with watering the cactus well but then always allow it to dry between watering. Compared to some other cacti, the San Pedro can tolerate a little more water and overall isn’t as picky as some other cacti varieties. Some growers compare growing the San Pedro to other “normal plants” since its cultivation is really not that much different or more difficult.

The San Pedro cactus likes a good amount of sun like we do but in the same way doesn’t like too much of it especially in the hot summer months. It can be best to place the cactus in some light shade to keep it from being burnt by the sun. In Winter it is advised that you encourage the cactus to enter dormancy by withholding water and nutrients.

Like with other cacti, the San Pedro is susceptible to mould and fungus but does better here as compared to some others. Nevertheless, you should keep an eye on your watering frequency and moisture levels to keep the risk for mould and fungus growth low.

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Reviews (14)

    Beautiful cactus, beautiful high
    Without a lot of research I decided to try this cactus by slicing it up and eating it as it is. I made slices which I chewed (with the skin and the core- all of it), was too lazy to make any research at that point. the high came slowly and it was very mellow, you are not tripping balls on this, just enhanced light, and funny euphoric feeling. A few hours later in the trip I puked (ofcourse) and then a hard headache followed. Visuals stayed beautiful and enhanced, ( nothing moving though, just enhanced surroundings)


    So nice, what a beautyfull cactus.
    Well what can i say, just as expected, a nice pattern and fast delivery, and it already started to building roots after just 4 days. I am sure it will be a strong and long lasting joy to see it grow. nearly 400 Gramm

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    San Pedro Cristaat.
    Grote Cristaat voor € 19,95. Goed gedroogde cutting ~ afscheuring? Zag eruit zoals op plaatje en inderdaad, een plaatje. Nu gedroogd en gepot nog 9 cm. hoog en 8 cm. breed met een dikte van ruim 6 cm. Een hersenstam in 't groen. Verzamelaars en Liefhebbers, Aanrader!


    5 star
    Very happy with quality and delivery. Will be ordering again.


    Successfully replanted! Beautiful!


    Most beautiful cacti I've ever seen. It looks healthy, just waiting for them roots to show up now. Going to take some time, be patient! Thanks zamnesia I will keep on buying your products for sure. 5stars!


    Product comes ready to be moved in soil and pot. Great quality


    Gorgeous Cactus
    I recieved the cactus in peerfect condition. It looked even better than in the picture. It developed roots without any effort after placing in soil in about a week. And of course the speed of delivery from zamnesia is fantastic!!


    Very pretty healthy cactus developed roots without any effort. Vary satisfied, thanks

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San Pedro Crested (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata)
San Pedro Crested (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata)
San Pedro Crested (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata)
San Pedro Crested (Echinopsis pachanoi cristata)
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